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Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina
PO Box 17025
201 Saint Alban's Drive
Raleigh, NC 27619

The diocese owns a small collection of blueprints (10-20) of various diocesan properties and a few parishes, (1950s-present). Generally, the individual parishes retain their own architectural drawings.

Meredith College
Carlyle Campbell Library
3800 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27607-5298

The college archives contain miscellaneous architectural and building records for the college buildings, 1950-present.

North Carolina State Archives
109 East Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27611

Architectural records housed in the North Carolina State Archives fall under the following classes of records: County Records, Map Collections, Miscellaneous Collection, Organization Records, Audiovisual/Iconographic Collections, Private Collections, and State Agency Records.


The county records contain a variety of records that indirectly and directly document buildings. References can be found among wills, road records, bridge records, mill records, railroad records, tax records, land records, and court records. Often drawings will be one of many loose estate papers or part of a civil or criminal actions concerning land. Occasionally the county records finding aids specifically mention a construction project. Those references are listed below. However, these same types of records may appear under other series. Unless otherwise noted, these records are found under the "miscellaneous series" of the respective county records:

Alexander County, Public Buildings, 1863-1916
Alleghany County, Court House Records (accounts), 1881
Anson County, Architect's drawing for a hotel to be erected by W.A. McKinnon, 1892
Bertie County, Public Warehouses, 1758-1867
Brunswick County, Undated Index to School House Sites (call no. CRX 294)
Buncombe County, Maps of Asheville found in Elections Records (call no. 013.912.1) dated 1896, also found under Civil Actions Concerning Land (call no. 013.325.45) outlining city lots); see MUNICIPAL RECORDS for street Assessments for City of Asheville (call no. 024.901.1) not dated
Carteret County, Courthouse and Prison records (1756-1821)
Caswell County, Public Building Records, 1789-1855; Report of the committee to draw plans for Caswell County Courthouse, 1831
Chatham County, plans and specifications for a house for a jailer, 1869; resolutions of the building committee for additions to the Methodist parsonage, undated
Cherokee County, Insurance Policies on County Buildings, 1919-1926;
Chowan County, see MUNICIPAL RECORDS for Edenton Town Lot Book, 1722-1734 (call no. MR 185.408.1)
Cleveland County, County Accounts, Claims and Court Orders series includes specifications for Court House for Shelby, 1844; records of dispute for a courthouse for Mecklenburg County, 1851
Craven County, County Lines, Buildings, Claims, and Trustee Settlements includes a report regarding construction of a new jail, 1822, plots and descriptions for prison bounds, 1779, 1825; treasurer of Public Building Accounts, 1817-1857 (C.R.028.910.3)
Cumberland Cty., plans for addition to the lodge of Free Masons, Fayetteville, and other lodge documents, 1801-1814
Davie County, construction records for building Presbyterian church, Methodist church, and mill, 1879; construction of county courthouse, 1841; construction of construction of county jail; construction bill for Mocksville Academy, 1884
Gaston County, cty accounts, 1875, for repair and furnishing court house after fire in 1874; bids and specifications for jail kitchen, 1875
Gates County, County Court House, 1800, 1836; county jail, 1795-1796; county line, 1820; county poor house, 1852;
Graham County, Cooper's bond for building a jail, 1876; floor plan of an unidentified church, no date
Guilford County, specifications and proposals for work on courthouse, 1903-1908
Halifax County, courthouse proposal for fireproof office for clerks of superior and cty courts and register, 1832, and drawing of floor plan
Harnett County, document relating to the selection of a site for the courthouse and other public buildings for the county, 1855
Haywood County, dedication speeches for new courthouse and program, 1932
Henderson Cty., housing specifications, 1920
Hyde County, public buildngs, 1798-1856
Iredell County, county accounts and buildings, 1815-1918
Lincoln County, grand jury reports concerning the condition of jails and public buildings, 1810-1923
Madison County, grand jury reports on the condition of the courthouse, 1879, 1883, 1906; grand jury reports on the condition of jails, poorhouses, and county homes, 1860-1906
Mecklenburg Cty., architectural sketch, 1862
Mitchell County, blueprint of Ridgeway Park, no date; blueprints of timberland of Crane & Lakin in NC and TN, 1906
Montgomery Cty., building plans for Troy Methodist Church, 1872; courthouse repair, 1853-1854; fire damage to court house, 1886
Moore County, contract for addition to county jail building, 1917
New Hanover Cty., report on the conditions of jail and courthouse, 1867
Northampton Cty., county buildings, 1821-1845; courthouse specifications and bond, 1816, 1819, 1858
Onslow County, records relating to building a new courthouse, 1821-1867
Orange County, public buildings, 1813, 1821, 1822
Pasquotank Cty., county accounts, buildings, and correspondence includes report concerning construction of jail, 1811, report on plans for brick jail, 1821, construction expenses for courthouse 1883, grand jury presentment suggesting that new courthouse be built, 1831; grand jury reports concerning jail, 1818, 1830
Pender County, contract and specifications to fireproof courthouse vault, 1906; deeds for construction of schoolhouse sites, 1876-1900
Person County, county building records, 1792-1821, 1825, 1883, 1887
Randolph County, County Accounts and Claims include construction and repair records for county buildings, courthouse, jail, stocks, 1811, 1834, 1854
Richmond County, records concerning the courthouse, 1790-1925
Robeson County, County Accounts, buildings and correspondence includes bond to build new jail, 1866, committee to build a poor house, 1858-1859, grand jury reports on county buildings, 1828-1910; repairs and renovations to jail, 1855-1869, repairs and renovations to courthouse, 1829-1858; building committee of Philadelphius Church, 1877
Stokes County, records pertaining to repair, building and general maintenance of public buildngs, 1793-1860
Wake County, house plans for Charles D. Upchurch, 1881; The Board of Church Extension of the M.E.Church vs W.J. Ellington and others--includes agreement to build church near the intersection of Newbern Avenue and East Street, Raleigh, written architectural description and correspondence, 1892
Warren County, county buildings, accounts and claims within the miscellaneous series includes correspondence concerning planning of new courthouse, 1906-1908; courthouse repairs, 1831, 1841, jail repairs, 1847-1848, plans for new jail, 1851-1856, (see CRX records for bond of John M. Wilson to build jail, 1851, and statements of expenditures for repairs of jail.); plans for poor house, 1837; contract with Thomas Bragg to build second story to jail, 1840; mills, 1808, 1811, 1812, 1832, 1843; courthouse, documents include report detailing suggestions for a new courthouse, report on estimates and action taken, contracts, specifications for the new building, bill for the masons's work, various other statements and accounts, 1854-1855
Wayne County, county accounts within the miscellaneous series include report of commissioners to contract for building a court house jail, 1850; specifications for building courthouse and bond for contractors, 1848; terms and conditions of building a goal 1794-1875; agreement to build a set of mills across Falling Creek, 1855
Wilkes County, public buildings, 1798-1854
Yadkin County, recommendation for erecting a poor house in the county, 1853

There is a card index to the extensive map collection. The collection is divided into the following record series: North Carolina Counties, North Carolina Towns and Cities, and North Carolina Colony and State Maps. Sanborn Fire Insurance Company Maps can be found under North Carolina Cities and Towns. (There is a more complete collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Company maps on microfilm.)

Miscellaneous Map Series

(This is series contains plans and drawings that are in the process of being recatalogued, and eventually will be a part of the Miscellaneous Collection, Building Plans and Surveys series.)

Name of Building Architect/Designer Format Date(s) Call Number

Agriculture, Dept. of Building H. A. Underswood, eng. blueprint 1922 MC 104-I
Agriculture, Dept. of Building (heating & water) Levi R. Greene photostat 1888(?) MC 11.1 E
Archives & History building Northup & O'Brien photostat 1948 MC 11.1-B
Archives & History building book stacks Republic Steel Corp. blueprint 1939 MC 181-M
Arsenal at Fayatteville -- photostat 1849(?) MC 299-C
Aycock, Charles B., house restoration no architect photostat n.d. MC 205
Caledonia Prison Farm, Halifax City NC Dept of Consv. & Dev. blueprint 1930 MC 297-298
Caswell County Courthouse Max Isley & Bert Ellentuck blueprint 1956 MC 214-B
Christ Church, Raleigh, pew arrangement n/a photostat 1851 MC 11.1-G
Classroom Building J. N. Pease & Co. blueprint 1958 MC 11.1-C
Davidson College building A. J. Davis photostat c. 1858 MC 11.1-D
Executive Mansion, Raleigh (wiring) NC Budget Bureau photostat 1938 MC 11.1-F
Executive Mansion, Raleigh, measured drawing NC Dept. of Admin. blueprint 1969 MC 314-A
Fire Station No. 1, Raleigh no architect blueprint (plot) 1939 MC 208-C
Memorial Hall, Stone Mountain, GA Gutzon Borgum blueprint 1923 MC 104-J
NC State Hospital, Dix Hill Charles C. Hook blueprint & spec. 1926 MC 104-J
Revenue, Dept. of Building no architect blueprint n.d. MC 11.1-A
Revenue, Dept. of Building no architect blueprint (plot) 1939 MC208-C
School House no architect blueprint n.d. MC 30-F
St. Augustine's School, Raleigh no architect drawing n.d. MC 93-A
State Administration Building (3 & 4th floors) P.Thornton Marye blueprint 1911 MC 104-K
State Capitol, Raleigh (heating & water) Levi R. Greene photostat 1888(?) MC 11.1 E
State Capitol area plan State Planning Commission map/diagrams 1965 MC 291
State Capitol A. J. Davis photocopy 1830 MC 181-Q
State Capitol (orig @ Metr. Mus. of Art, NYC) Town & Davis photostat 1833-41 MC 181-G
State Capitol (orig @ Metr. Mus. of Art, NYC) Town & Davis photocopy 1833-41 MC 191-A
State Capitol, Capitol Square Improvement Olmsted Brothers photostat 1928 MC 188-D
State Capitol, measured drawings Ross Shumaker blueprint 1924, 40 MC 296-A.I
State Capitol, measured drawings Atwood & Nash (P.Schwartz) linen 1924 MC 315, 316
State Penitentary, Raleigh Levi T. Scofield lithograph 1865(?) MC 219-A
Supreme Court Building (heating & water) Levi R. Greene photostat 1888(?) MC 11.1 E
Tryon's Palace (orig. @ NY Historical Society) John Hawks photostat 1766 MC 181-N
Tryon's Palace (orig. @ British Public Record Off.) John Hawks photostat 1767 MC 30-J
Wright Brothers Memorial Museum no architect mimeograph 1952 MC 206-A


Archives Plans and Papers

Includes plans for the Archives-Library Building at 109 East Jones Street, Raleigh detailed below. Also includes "Committee of One Thousand" correspondence (1950); specifications for the building; committee report, "A Museum and Archives Buildings for North Carolina;" program for the ground breaking, 1963; 1951 scrapbook.

Building Plans and Surveys

Name of Building Architect/Designer Format Date(s) 3B Map Case Drawer No.

Archives & History, Dep. of Bldg. (proposed) Northup & O'Brien blueprint 1948 5
Archives-Library Building Annex (proposed) F. Carter Williams blueprint & spec. 1972-73 13
Archives-Library Building (revised plans) F. Carter Williams/L.Valand blueprint 1966 8
Archives-Library Building (bookstacks) Estey Corporation, NJ blueprint 1976 1
Archives-Library Building F. Carter Williams/L. Valand bp. & rendering 1966 5
Archives-Library Building F. Carter Williams/L. Valand blueprint 1964-65 6
Archives-Library Building F. Carter Williams/L. Valand photostat 1966 6
Arsenal, Fayetteville, site plans no architect photostat 1968 1
Dorton Arena William Henley Deitrick photograph 1950 1
Education Building (alterations) Northup & O'Brien blueprint 1949 5
Government Complex rendering/plan (proposed) McKim, Mead & White photostat 1948 11
Haywood Hall, Raleigh (measured drawing) R. Chartier/T. Mayo (NCSU) photostat n.d. 12
Museum-Archives Building (proposed) William Henley Deitrick linen 1951 6
Museum-Archives Building (proposed) William Henley Deitrick blueprint 1950 5
State Fairgrounds no architect sketches 1950 1
Storage & Warehouse (floor plan) Northup & O'Brien photostat 1951 5

Building Plans and Surveys, Industrial Sites of North Carolina

Isometric drawings (color originals and blueprints) of industrial sites throughout North Carolina prepared by the Associated Mutual Insurance Company, Boston, MA. Often the drawings include the entire site and company houses and towns.

Mill Location Date of Drawing

American Tobacco Co. Greenville 1912
Anna Cotton Mills King's Mountain 1910
Ashley & Bailey Co. Fayetteville 1910
Beaver Companies Roanoke Rapids 1914
Bonnie Cotton Mills King's Mountain 1909
Bucket Cotton Oil Co. Charlotte 1912
Chadwick-Hoskins Co. Charlotte 1915
Champion Paper & Fibre Co. Canton 1936
Cone Mills Corp. Greensboro 1952
Cora Cotton Mills King's Mountain 1910
Corbitt Buggy Co. Henderson 1914
Coulter & Lowry Company Greensboro 1909
Harborrough Co. Bessemer City 1912
Hawthorne Silk Co. Fayetteville 1920
Kendall Mills, Inc. Paw Creek 1927
Klotho Mills King's Mountain 1910
Lakeside Mills Burlington 1912, 1925
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. Wilson 1920
Long Shoals Cotton Mills Long Shoals 1912
Manville Jenckes Co. Gastonia 1936
Marvin-Carr Building Durham 1924
Mooresville Cotton Mills Mooresville 1924
Nation Casket Company Asheville 1913
National Weaving Co. Lowell 1928
Phoenix Mfg. Co. E. King's Mtn. 1912
Proximity Mfg. Co. Greensboro 1935
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Winston-Salem 1912, 1918, 1924
Roanoke Mills Co. Roanoke Rapids 1911
Robinson Co. Charlotte 1918
Rosemary Mfg. Co. Roanoke Rapids 1914, 1916
Saco-Lowell Shops Charlotte 1914
Scotland Neck Cotton Mills Scotland Neck 1918
Spencer Mountain Mills Lowell 1909
Stehlisilks Corp. High Point 1921
Wampum Cotton Mills Lincolnton 1908

Capitol and Capitol Square Papers (1792-1972)

Photocopies of letters and plans, resolutions, photographs, printed material documenting the construction of the State Capitol Building, 1792-1831. Also includes material relating to the present State Capitol Building. The bulk of these papers relate to issues surrounding the Canova Statue of George Washington. There is also information on the Heritage Square Plan and the State Planning Commission, 1965.

Legislative Building Papers (1961-1963)

Printed material relating to the construction and opening of the Legislative Building, designed by Edward Durell Stone.


American Institute of Architects, North Carolina Chapter, 1909-1971

Organizational records of the AIA, North Carolina Chapter. The finding aid for this collection includes a list of the presidents of the chapter through 1973. There is a collection of inactive membership files by member. Also contains early records including by-laws, an interview with Louis Asbury, 1955, financial papers, and president's correspondence.

Roanoke Island Historical Association

Includes blueprints by Albert Q. Bell, 1938; blueprints by the National Park Service, 1961; site plan (blueprint) by Richard C. Bell, landscape architect, 1966.


Division of Archives & History, Historic Preservation Section, Survey & Planning Branch

Photographic record of North Carolina buildings prepared by the Survey & Planning Branch, Division of Archives and History. Access to photographs is available by county, city, street or house name (1970s-pres.). Negatives are house at the State Archives, prints generally are housed with the Survey & Planning Branch.

Division of Archives & History, Photograph Collection

Photograph collection dating from the 1850s. Photographs of North Carolina buildings, homes, towns, streets, etc. Access to collection available via card file by subject of image. Access to photographs received since 1984 is available on the State Archives' automated reference system, "MARS."


Adolphus Gustavus Bauer Papers (1895-1898) PC 1707

This collection is restricted and requires written permission to view. Xerographic copies of Bauer's papers containing letters and memoirs of Bauer and his wife, Rachel Blythe Bauer. There are no drawings in the collection.

John J. Blair Papers (1923-1927) PC 249

Papers of Blair, Quaker, educator, state director of schoolhouse planning, and first president of North Carolina Art Society. Much relates to Blair's investments in real estate property, including Blair Farm development in High Point and property ant Castle Hayne. Relating to Springfield Memorial Quaker Church are a blueprint and correspondence with its architect Herbert Hunter. There are also descriptions of Forsyth Co., Hillsborough, and the supreme court building in Raleigh."

Thomas H. Briggs, Jr., Papers (1890-1896) PC 210

Papers of Briggs relating to construction of his house in Raleigh, consisting of architectural plans, by George F. Barber and Company of Knoxville, Tennessee, and specifications.

Dana Blackburn Burns Papers (1851-1859, 1906-1945) PC 1518

Papers of Burns, surveyor for several companies in western North Carolina and for the state in a boundary dispute with Tennessee. Blueprints and maps include map of proposed dam and reservoir on Has. River in Cherokee County; plans of proposed "NC State [Natural History] Museum in Raleigh, H.H. Underweight, Engineer," (ca. 1925).

James Boon Papers (1829-1854) PC 99

Correspondence and papers of Boon, a free black carpenter of Louisburg and Raleigh. Includes notes, estimates, and sketches of buildings.

Briggs Hardware Account Book (1847-1856) Mf.P 162, microfilm

Account book of Thomas H. Briggs, Raleigh builder, recording work done and building supplies provided for persons in Raleigh (1847-1856, 1861-1864).

William Henley Deitrick Papers (1931-1974) PC 1487

Papers of William H. Deitrick, Raleigh architect, including correspondence, architectural plans, sequential photographs and colored slides of the construction of Dorton Arena, Raleigh. Other aspects of Deitrick's career as architect are reflected in general correspondence, business records, photographs, and limited number of architectural plans. See also North Carolina State University, Special Collections Research Center, Guy E. Crampton and William Henley Deitrick Drawing Collection.

William Jackson Hicks Papers (1889-1911) PC 1304

Photocopies of newspaper clippings, including obituaries, describing Hicks' career as a builder, architect, and warden of the state penitentiary, and as superintendent of the Oxford Orphan Asylum.

Delia Hyatt Papers (1758-1967) PC 1529

Papers of Delia Hyatt of Kinston, chiefly concerning land owned by her and her family. There are plats and maps of Kinston (1882-1962); architect's drawing of a shopping mall (1962); and plats (1963-1967) and bylaws of Hyatt Memorial Home for Boys, Kinston.

Mecklenburg Iron Works Records (1866-1964)

Records of the Mecklenburg Iron Works of Charlotte, established in 1856 by John Wilkes and sold to Carolina Steel Corporation in the 1960s. Includes blueprints (1945-1965) for supermarkets, service station, warehouses, sewage treatment plants, fire stations, stores, office buildings, churches, and residences for which the ironworks was a subcontractor; drawings of machinery, towers, ducts, and other practical and ornamental metalwork. A portion of the collection, on microfilm, contain architectural drawings representing proposals and bids made by MIW for industrial and commercial buildings generally in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Thomas Yancey Milburn Papers (1936-1974) PC 1540

Papers of architect and consulting engineer T. Yancey Milburn of Durham and Washington, DC, son of architect Frank P. Milburn. Only three letters (1936, 1945) concern his career before retirement to Durham in 1950.

Doan Reber Ogden Papers (1952-1984) PC 1766

Papers of Doan Ogden, landscape architect of Asheville, North Carolina. Includes landscape plans for Ogden's practice 1954-1984. A card index is available to locate specific projects. Projects are located mostly in North Carolina, but also represent sites nationwide.

David Paton Papers (1834-1940) PC 158

Correspondence and papers of Paton, superintendent of construction and architect of the State Capitol in Raleigh. Correspondence includes letters from architect Ithiel Town about the commissioners for rebuilding the State Capitol; about Paton's proposed alterations to Town's plan; and about Town's work in Indianapolis; letters consulting with Philadelphia architect William Strickland; and letters and papers referring to Paton's plans for other buildings in Raleigh, at UNC, and at Caldwell Institute, Hillsborough.

James F. Post Ledger (1847-1871) Mf.P 143, microfilm

Microfilmed account books. Itemized, fragmentary accounts for work as builder in Wilmington for individuals, firms, churches and town. Most entries relate to repairs and minor construction, but some concern superintending work on town hall, theater and lecture room, and construction of barracks and warehouses for the Confederate government and buildings for the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad.

Herbert Woodley Simpson Papers (1888-1940) PC 1596

Small collection of papers, drawings, and photographs of Simpson, architect of Norfolk, Virginia, and New Bern. Consists mainly of original ink on linen drawings of the following buildings and residences (all undated):


Bishop, Mr. E. K. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan
Blades, Mr. J. B. residence New Bern, first and second floor plan
Blades, Mr. J. B. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan (rejected?)
Blades, Mr. W. B. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan
Blades, Esq., J. B. Summer House at Morehead, NC, first and second floor plan
Braswell, Mr. M.C. residence Battleboro, NC, first and second floor plan
Braxton, Mr. J. W. residence, Kinston, NC, first and second floor plan
Clarke, Mr. M. residence, Beaufort, NC, first and second floor plan
Duffy, Mr. Walter, House New Bern, first and second floor plan
Dunn, Wm., Sr. residence, New Bern-first and second floor plan
Edwards, Mr. D. T. residence, Kinston, NC, first and second floor plan
Hoffman, Mr. G., residence, Scotland Neck, NC, first and second floor plan
Jones, J. A. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan
Jones, Mr. W. G., residence Kinston, NC, first and second floor plan
Marks, Mr. H. B. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan
McDowell, Mr. A. residence, Scotland Neck, NC, first and second floor plan
Meadows, E. H. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan
Mitchell, Mr. W. A. house New Bern, first and second floor plan
Moore, Mr. L. I. residence, New Bern, first and second floor plan
Styron, Mr. A. B. house Aurora, NC, first and second floor plan
Tull, Dr. Henry residence, Kinston, NC, first and second floor plan

Commercial/Public Buildings

Administration Building, East Carolina Teachers Training School, Greenville, NC, first and second floor plan
Athens Theatre, New Bern, main floor plan and gallery plan
Carteret County Court House, Beaufort, NC, first floor plan, second floor plan
Centenery M. E. Church, New Bern, floor plan
Citizens Savings Bank, Kinston, NCfirst, second, third floor plan
Court House at Goldsboro, NC, first and second floor plan
First Church Christ Scientist, New Bern, floor plan
Gaston Hotel, New Bern, ground floor plan, -second floor plan, third floor plan
Graded School Building, La Grange, NC, first and second floor plan
Graded School Building, Kinston, NC, first and second floor plan
Graded School No. 3, New Bern, first and second floor plan
14 room school, first and second floor plan
Jarvis Memorial M.E. Church, South, Greenville, floor plan
Masonic Temple Building, Concord Lodge 58, Tarboro, NC, first, second, and third floor plan
Masonic Opera House (proposed), New Bern, St. Johns Lodge No. 3, plan of orchestra, long. section, plan of Balcony, plan of Gallery
National Bank of Kinston, Kinston, NC, first and second floor plan
Pepsi-Cola Factory, New Bern, first and second floor plan
Planters Bank Building, Rocky Mount, NC, first, second, and third floor plan
Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount, NC, floor plan
Proposed Bank Building, National Bank of Kinston, first, second, third, and fourth floor Synagogue for Chester B'nai Sholam, New Bern, floor plan

Microfilmed blueprints of drawings include the following buildings (reel # P.185):

Centenary M.E. Church, New Bern
Chestnut Avenue M.E. Church, Newport News, VA, 1924
Cosby Motor Company Garage, 1929
East Hampton M.E. Church, South, Hampton, VA, 1934
Mabry, J. H. house for Newport News VA
Mason, Charles E. house, Newport News, VA, 1928
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Bottling Plant Building, Newport News, VA, 1941
Poindexter, Dr. F. W. house Warwick County, VA, 1937
School Building, Oceana, VA, 1928
Turnbull, A. R. house, New Bern, 1924
Virginia State Sch. for Colored Deaf and Blind Children, plans for addition to main bldg., Newport News, 1936

Philip Schwartz Papers (1924) PC 1288

Sketches and two photographs showing details of construction and ornament of the N.C. State Capitol drawn by Schwartz in 1924. In the Map Collection are linen drawings and photocopies of plans of the Capitol, which he drew for architects Atwood and Nash.

Edward W. Waugh (1913-1966) Papers, 1935-1966 PC 1478

Working papers of Waugh, architect, professor NCSU School of Design, city and campus planner, native of South Africa. Includes correspondence, specifications, contracts, bids and planning studies. Plans, drawings and sketches were microfilmed and can be found in collection Mf.P. 186.

Horace McGuire Wood Papers (1933-1972) PC 1517

Papers of H. McGuire Wood, designer and builder of small homes, and professor, business manager, and director of work program at Black Mountain College (1942-1945). Community work program material includes student and faculty assignments and evaluations (restricted); plans for farm, dairy and mica mine. Also includes a classroom problem in a small-house design; plans (1939-1965) of 72 houses, mostly in North Carolina; and plats of the town of Black Mountain and four developments nearby.


Department of Administration, Office of State Construction, Construction Contracts

Record copies of specifications with contracts inserted which serves as the agreement between the State and contractor to build and supply materials for a complete project (1920-1977).

Department of Archives and History

Division of Historic Sites, includes restoration of Tryon Palace (1944-1957), correspondence, restoration plans, land acquisitions. Also includes plans and drawings for the following state historic sites:

Name of Building Architect/Designer Format Date(s)

Alamance Battleground Nat'l Park Serv., Eng. Br. blueprint 1936-39
Charles B. Aycock Birthplace, restoration Macmillan, Hicks, McMillam blueprints 1960
Bennett Place Memorial no architect blueprint n.d.
Bentonville Battleground museum Ingram & Johnson blueprint/tracings 1963
Brunswick Town Museum/Visitors Center no architect blueprint 1965
Gov. Richard Caswell Memorial Park & Museum Ingfam & Johnson blueprint 1964
Confederate Ram Neuse Museum Raymond Sawyer blueprint 1964
Duke Power State Park NC Division of State Parks blueprint 1966
Fort Fisher & Visotors Center Ballard, McKim & Sawyer blueprint 1963
Fort Union National Monument Nat'l Pk. Svc, Architecture Br. blueprint 1956
Historic Bath Visitors Center Raymond Sawyer blueprint 1968
McClung Museum (TN) no architect blueprint n.d.
Morrow Mountain, addition to maintenance area NC Div. of State Parks blueprint 1964
Polk, James K. Birthplace Visitor Center Malcolm & Higgins blueprint 1966
Richmond Literary & Temperance Society Hall R. Vicker, NCSU student blueprint 1963
Richmond Literary & Temperance Society Hall W. E. Matthews Co. blueprint 1963
Town Creek Indian Mounds Museum Ingram & Johnson blueprint & spec. 1961
Vance Birthplace museum J. Bertram King blueprint 1964

Division of Historic Sites and Museums includes nomination forms, maps, photographs, correspondence and research materials relating to National Register Nominations for 250+ sites, 1969-1973.

Survey and Planning Branch, includes records of entries to the National Register of Historic Places( ).

Capital Building Authority Records

Includes meeting minutes (1962-1970) of the Authority. This organization is now part of the Department of Administration.

Board of Education, Plant Operations Division

Plant Operations Reports (1955-66, 1970-71). These reports consist of printed questionnaire booklets sent to individual schools. The information concerns such things as number of buildings and the purpose for each room, etc.

Governor's Office Papers

Includes Superintendent of Public Buildings, Miscellaneous Papers, 1821; Board of Public Buildings & Grounds, Minutes, 1893-1931; and unprocessed records of the renovation of the Executive Mansion, 1970. Also includes records of the North Carolina Board of Architecture under the following administrations: Governors Gardner (1929-33), Hoey (1937-41), Cherry (1945-49), Scott (1949-53), Hodges, (1954-1961), Sanford (1961-64), and Moore (1965-68).

John Hawks Papers, (1767-1773, 1857, 1865)

Photocopies of material relating to architect John Hawks, designer of Tryon's Palace, including subscription list for courthouse and jail in Edenton (1767); drawings of a church (1769) and prison (1773), Edenton; and letter from Hawks to Joseph Hewes about plans for unspecified building (1773). Also a drawing of "Hillsborough Church" (n.d.). (Originals are housed in Southern Historical Collection, UNC.)

Historic American Buildings Survey Drawings

Bound volume of drawings of Wake County buildings prepared by NCSU School of Design students for the Historic American Buildings Survey, completed in 1966. Over 200 drawings represent 24 buildings. On microfilm is a statewide collection of student drawings done for HABS completed in the 1940s and 1950s. (See North Carolina State University, School of Design entry below.)

North Carolina Art Museum Building Commission

Includes general correspondence (1967-1976), 3 blueprints, photographs, Reports of the Travel and Visitation Committee (1970), Minutes of the Commission (1968-1977). Also includes correspondence with Edward Durell Stone and Holloway & Reeves, associated architects for the project. Specific blueprints are as follows:

Floor plans showing all construction phases of the project, n.d.
Property map showing state lands of the Blue Ridge Road vicinity, 1972
State Capital land development plan, including interior and elevations

North Carolina State University, School of Design (microfilm)

Collection of measured drawings done by students of the School of Design for the Historic American Buildings Survey. International, national, state and local sites are represented. There is a complete index by site. Drawings were completed between 1951 and 1969. (See also Historic American Buildings Survey entry above.)

State Planning Board Records (1935-1947)

The State Planning Board was created as an advisory group to encourage economic and land development in the state. Collection contains information on the N.C. Institute of Architects, State Association of General Contractors of America, Inc., and Licensing Board for Contractors.

Department of Public Instruction, Division of School House Planning (1923-1944)

Includes general correspondence of the division that documents the building, renovating, and general improvements of schools throughout the state. Although there are no drawings, correspondence with various architects documents construction issues and costs.

Utilities Record Group, Utilities Commission Case Files (1891-1948)

Case files of the commission contain plans and drawings chiefly of railroad stations, but include other structures as well. The plans have been separated from the case files. An item by item description of over 400 plans is available on the State Archives' automated reference system, "MARS." (The MARS identification for this group is 6.7.)

Works Progress Administration General Records (1936-1942)

The North Carolina Writer's Project records contain a collection of biographies of North Carolina architects. The Historical Records Survey includes inventories of state records including the State Planning Board.

North Carolina State University - NCSU Libraries, Special Collections Research Center
Room G-111, D.H. Hill Library, 2205 Hillsborough Street
Campus Box 7111
Raleigh, NC 27695-7111


Ballard, McCredie, Elliott Associates (1955-1996) MC 251

Records date from when the Raleigh firm was established in 1955. Former names of the firm are: Jesse M. Page & Associates (1955-1964); Jesse M. Page & Associates, Architects, Inc. (1964-1974); Page, Polier, Flowers, Ballard & Branan, Inc. Architects (1974-1976); Polier, Flowers, Ballard & Branan, P.A., Architects (1976-1980); Polier, Ballard, Associates, P.A., Architects (1980-1988); Ballard, McCredie, Elliott, Associates (1988-1998) Collection includes original drawings, specifications, job files & photographs.

Charlotte Vestal Brown Papers (1980-1990) MC 219

The Papers of Charlotte Vestal Brown include correspondence, photographs, research notes, transcriptions, reference citations, photocopies from a variety of primary sources, and blueprint copies of the Asheville Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. The collection consists of the research and reference files from Dr. Brown's study of the practice of building in North Carolina between 1865 and 1945. This research project was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and resulted in the publication of Architects and Builders in North Carolina: A History of the Practice of Building in 1990. The collection is divided into three major series. The first series, Architects and Builders in North Carolina (ABNC) Project Files, contains information relating to the administration of the grant project as well as photographs and manuscripts for the chapters of the book written by Dr. Brown. The Research Files series contains notes and research information for Dr. Brown's study of architects and builders in North Carolina. The Biography Files series consists of biographical information for a variety of architects and builders in North Carolina.

Guy E. Crampton and William Henley Deitrick Drawing Collection (1928-1974) MC 227

Selected architectural drawings and specifications documenting the works of William Henley Deitrick and his successor, Guy E. Crampton. Included are Deitrick's competition winning design for Needham Broughton High School (1928), his modernist Carolina County Club (1948), and the prize winning Dorton Arena (with Matthew Nowicki, 1950-1951). Crampton's designs include several buildings for Elon College (1965), the Wake Forest College Stadium (1966), numerous projects for the Wachovia Bank & Trust Co., and many public school buildings. The specifications are for buildings designed by Guy E. Crampton and Associates, including the Wake Forest College Stadium and public schools. Guy E. Crampton and Associates was the successor firm to William Henley Deitrick, Architect, Inc.

Archie Royal Davis Papers and Drawings (1930-1980) MC 241

Chiefly architectural drawings and office records of Durham architect and engineer. Also included are correspondence and other material from professional and civic associations such as the North Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the North Carolina Board of Architecture, and the Planning and Zoning Commission of Durham. An index, compiled during processing, is the key to locating information on Davis' projects. There is limited personal information in the collection.

Historic American Buildings Survey drawings (1951-1969) MC 253

Collection of original drawings done by architecture students at NC State University for the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) program of the National Park Service. The projects are chiefly from North Carolina but also include three foreign countries and nineteen other states.  Microfilm and blueprint copies of selected drawings are available at the North Carolina State Archives. The collection also includes research files of histories, notes, and photographs on each project.

Henry Leveke Kamphoefner Papers (1907-1990) MC 198

Collection includes career and personal correspondence, publications, news clippings, speeches, photographs, organizational membership correspondence, consulting projects, architectural plans and specifications, journals, artifacts and memorabilia. Kamphoefner was founding Dean of the School of Design at NC State from 1948 to 1972 and his papers offer documentation of his significant accomplishment of building a school with a national reputation for excellence in design education.

George Matsumoto Papers and Drawings (1945-1991) MC 42

The bulk of these papers and drawings document the architectural practice of George Matsumoto and Associates between 1948 and 1961, corresponding to his residence in Raleigh, North Carolina and his tenure on the faculty of the School of Design at NC State University. Known for his innovative and award-winning modern designs, projects in the collection include residential work chiefly in Raleigh. The collection also includes blueprints from selected commercial projects from his practice in California between 1961 and 1991 including the Bechtel Engineering Center at the University of California at Berkeley. There is a series of correspondence that provides information on Matsumoto's relationship with his clients and contractors. Photographs by Joseph Molitor document completed projects.

Monticello Architectural Records (1936-1960) MC 243

127 giant photostats (rolled), 5 microfilm reels and 32 photo slides. Includes architect Milton L. Grigg's field notes entitled "The Preservation and Restoration of Monticello, 1936-1960. Also includes copies of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation minutes, 1923-34, 1935-76. (Collection was deposited at NCSU Libraries for security purposes. Originals are part of the collections at the University of Virginia, Special Collections.)

North Carolina Buildings Collection (1899-1943) MC 225

The North Carolina Buildings Collection includes drawings, specifications, construction contracts, and correspondence relating to individual buildings in North Carolina or projects designed by North Carolina architects. Unbuilt projects are included. A separate collection description for each project includes the name of the architect(s), a brief description of the project, and an inventory of documents.

Matthew Nowicki Papers and Drawings (1950s) MC 190

Photostats of sketches and drawings done by Nowicki for the city of Chandigarh, India, capital city of the Punjab state. Also includes photocopies of letters and photographs collected by Thomas T. Hayes, Jr., a former student of Nowicki at the School of Design at NC State.

Northup & O'Brien, Architects (1913-1980) MC 240

Architectural drawings representing more than 500 projects of the firm of Northup & O'Brien and successor firms of Winston-Salem. Records document the firms work on residences, businesses, educational buildings, hospitals and other buildings, chiefly in Winston-Salem and elsewhere in North Carolina. (Currently the name of the firm is Calloway Johnson Moore & West, PA.) There is an index to the drawings by project name and location.

Jehu Dewitt Paulson Papers (1922-1972) MC 56

Member of the NCSU Architecture Department, 1925-1961. Collection includes paintings, sketches, drawings, prints, plates, photographs, correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes. Most of these are of NCSU sites.

Kenneth McCoy Scott Papers (1951-1979) MC 242

Kenneth McCoy Scott, architect of Durham. Original drawings and specifications of his designs; general office files; American Institute of Architects records; job book listing and categorizing the architectural drawings. Some drawings are on microfilm. Although this collection is unprocessed, it is available for research.

Vernon Frederick Shogren Collection (1953-1992) MC 215

Papers of Shogren, member of the NCSU Architecture Department, 1953-1955, 1961-1992.

Edward W. Waugh Collection (1923-1965)  OPP 148

Architectural plans drawings and sketches. Includes campus and building plans for NCSU and Univerdidad Agraria, Peru.


Miscellaneous Collection [As of 2005, this is UA 050.004, University Archives Reference Collection, University Buildings Files]

Includes information on Buildings, Memorials and other University Facilities, 1891-1977.

North Carolina State University, Finance & Business, Campus Planning and Construction Records [As of 2005, this is UA 003.004, Finance and Business, Campus Planning Records]

Records include "Facility Inventory and Utilization Study," 1967, 1978; Capital Improvements Programs Reports, 1971-1973, 1973-1975; School of Veterinary Medicine Building Program, 1977.

North Carolina State University, School of Design Records [As of 2005, this is UA 110, College of Design Records]

Includes records of the establishment and operations of the School 1948-present. Some of the files, 1930-1948, came to NCSU with Henry L. Kamphoefner who became dean of the School of Design in 1948. Organization such as the American Institute of Architects, American Planning and Civic Association, American Society of Landscape Architects are represented in the records. Includes student work problems, 1949-1963.

Photograph Collection [As of 2005, this is UA 023.005, University Archives Photograph Collection, Campus Views and Facilities]

Includes an extensive Buildings, Memorials and other University Facilities photograph collection, 1880s-ongoing.


Drawings and blueprints for the extant university buildings are housed with the Campus Planning Office and the Physical Plant Division, Engineer's Office. Drawings are available only by appointment. [As of 2005, these are kept in the Office of the University Architect's Plan Room]

North Carolina State University - Gallery of Art & Design
University Student Center
Campus Box 7306
Raleigh, NC 27695-7306

G. Milton Small Student Drawings Collection

Original student drawings (12) on loan from G. Milton Small, Jr. done by his father as a student at the University of Oklahoma, (ca. 1938). Drawings were completed for assigned projects and competitions.

Matthew Nowicki Drawings Collection

96 original sketches and drawings done by Matthew Nowicki while a member of the faculty at North Carolina State University, School of Design (1948-1950). Includes proposals for the North Carolina state fairgrounds, (exterior, aerial, and dimensional drawings); a proposed North Carolina Museum; and the Carolina Country Club.

Matthew Nowicki Archives

Small collection of news clippings, drawing photographs, biographical articles, and writings of Matthew Nowicki, collected by one of his students, Thomas T. Hayes, Jr.

Fadum House Drawings

Original set of working drawings for the Fadum House in Raleigh, designed by James Fitsgibbon in 1950.  The drawings were executed by Joe Cox.

Dorton Arena Architectural Model

Original architectural model for the North Carolina State Fair's Livestock Judging Pavilion, now Dorton Arena.

Saint Mary's College Archives
Kenan Library
900 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Administrative Records - Board of Trustees, 1905-1968

Includes 1920 invoice from Hobart Upjohn for "Professional Services Rendered to Date". Also includes 1928 correspondence and invoices for construction of Holt Memorial Building by Northup & O'Brien and George W. Carr, associated architects. A larger body of correspondence is with the Jewell-Riddle Company, Sanford regarding construction and other contractors.

Administrative Records - Buildings and Furnishings

Contains information and correspondence on restoration, inventories, and historic preservation of buildings, art work and furnishings on the Saint Mary's College campus.

Administrative Records - Chapel

Contains information on the furnishings and stained-glass windows. Also includes photocopies from Richard Upjohn's Rural Architecture "Designs, Working Drawings and Specifications for a Wooden Church and other Rural Structures."

Martha Sprouse Stoops Collection

Contains microfilm copies of 5 Albert Smedes letters (1851 & 1856) to Richard Upjohn regarding the design and construction of the campus chapel. The originals of these letters are held by the New York Public Library, Richard Upjohn Papers (Smedes letters, Box 11). Correspondence concerns Smedes's concerns with a limited budget and the skill of North Carolina laborers. He requests Upjohn to modify his standard plan outlined in Upjohn's Rural Architecture, and requests suggestions for interior paint work.

Wake County Public Libraries - Olivia Raney Library
Oakview Historic Park
Raleigh NC

Beth Crabtree Collection

Papers of Crabtree, a Raleigh historian, and an archivist and editorial assistant at the State Division of Archives and History, 1942-1975. Includes photographs, slides about Raleigh and its historic buildings. Also includes unpublished research on the Executive Mansion, Raleigh, and unfinished research and manuscript for a book, "Raleigh, City of Oaks." Also includes extensive Raleigh photo collection.