Assistive Technologies Center (ATC)

Building: D. H. Hill Jr. Library

Floor: First Floor

Rooms: 1209

The ATC has moved from Room G415 to Room 1209 due to the Hill Library renovation.

The Assistive Technologies Center (ATC) houses technologies to facilitate library research and alternate format access to library materials for users with a variety of vision, hearing, and/or mobility related disabilities.

Assistive Technologies in the ATC

Accessing the ATC

The ATC is available whenever the Hill Library is open, and no appointment is required.

The facility is kept locked for security reasons. Please ask staff at the entrance desk or the Ask Us desk for access.


Staff at the Ask Us center can provide general assistance in the use of ATC equipment and can help in selecting and using library resources. Library users who do not know how to operate independently the assistive technology in the ATC (particularly first-time users) can call in advance to schedule an appointment with a staff member (515-3364) for an orientation to the ATC.

Other Services for Users with Disabilities

For information about other library services for users with disabilities, see the Disability Services page.

  •   Directions

    Enter the Hill Library from the Hillsborough St. entrance. Go straight through the gates and turn left. Continue down the hallway until you reach the stairs and elevator. Take the stairs or elevator to the first floor (1U). Continue into the Tower. The Ask Us center is on the left. Let the Ask Us staff know that you need access to the ATC. They will take you there (down the hallway to the right of Ask Us), unlock the door, and log in the equipment for you.

  •  Contact Information
    Megan Otto
    (919) 515-5189