Digital Media Assignments


The library has the full range of technology you need to create your multimedia project. Learn how to use the software you need with online video tutorials via LinkedIn Learning. Or, schedule a technology consultation with one of our Digital Media Assistants for more in depth help.


Many sources of video, audio, images, and music are available online that are free and legal for you to use. Creative Commons works require that you give credit to the creator, while older works in the public domain don’t require any attribution. Selections of recent, copyrighted material can also be used, as long as you apply the doctrine of fair use: you must transform the copyrighted material in some way (short clips, remix, parody). Ask your instructor for help if you’re unsure about rights for using resources.


Tools to help you cite your sources including images, videos, music, interviews, and more. Ask your instructor how he/she wishes for you to cite your sources for the project. 

  • APA Style: examples of how to cite media in APA format
  • MLA Style: examples of how to cite media in MLA format
  • Citation Builder: Online tool for creating citations for books and articles in MLA and APA formats


There are many online video tutorials available for learning how to use video and audio editing software. If you need help, library experts are available. Use the Technology Consultation request form to book an in-depth consultation  or Ask Us for immediate quick troubleshooting assistance. 


Here's a list of questions to ask yourself as you finish up:

  • How much time will it take to export and upload my project?
  • How does my instructor want me to submit my project (Google Drive, YouTube, Moodle)?
  • Have I properly attributed my sources according to my instructor's guidelines?
  • Do I have the right to use anyone else's content that I've included, whether it's public domain, Creative Commons-licensed, or fair use?

Ask a librarian if you need help or have questions about publishing your project!