PTRC | Patent Number Search

If you already have one or more specific patent numbers, here are a couple of basic options for obtaining the full text and/or images for the patent.

Google Patents:

Go to the Google Patents website and search for the patent number, using the prefix "US" and no punctuation.  For example, search for patent #123,456 as US123456.  

You can easily browse the full text online and download the complete full text as a PDF.

USPTO Patents database:

Go to the USPTO website and use the following procedure:

  1. Select the Quick Search option for issued patents.
  2. Type in the Patent Number and change the Field 1 index to Patent Number.
  3. Change the Select Years box if you need to search pre-1976 patents.
  4. Click the Search button.

If the patent is from 1976 or later, you will see the full text. Otherwise, click on the "Images" button to open the PDF of the patent. (You can also obtain PDFs of the full-text patents using the same button.)