Patenting an invention is only one small piece of the spectrum of tasks necessary to develop a product and take it to market. Here are a few of the other resources the Libraries offers to help with other steps in the process. The categories below may overlap.

Science & Technology
Research & Development
Business & Marketing
Company Information

Information on the pure science and technologies that make new products possible

Information on science and technology specific to an industry or broad academic discipline
Business, marketing, and political news and events
Financial and other data on individual companies
In many cases may cross over multiple disciplines
Pertinent to the research and development of new products
Used to analyze new products, find markets, and review trade policies
Used to assess company health, industry position, and investment opportunities



Business Source Premier

(Company Dossier)

(News and statistics)
More information is also available in the
Business Research Guides

Note: many of these databases are applicable for more than one phase of product development. Please contact a librarian if you need help finding an appropriate database.