PTRC | Looking up Older Trademarks (expired before 1984)

Since the TESS Database on the USPTO web site only contains marks that are either currently registered or subject of a pending application, it is often necessary to search other resources to find older trademarks.

You can visit the D. H. Hill Library to use print copies, or view digitized copies through Internet Archives online:

  • 1927-1992, 1994: Index of trademarks issued from the United States Patent Office
    Available at SuDoc C 21.5/3: 1928 - 1974 ; 1974 - 1992, 1994
  • 1971-present : Official Gazette: Trademarks
    Available at SuDoc C 21.5/4:
    Select years available online at Internet Archives
  • USAMark (Images of US Trademarks on CASSIS Discs): #1 October 1870 - present.
    For this option, please set up an appointment with the patent librarian.