NC State University Libraries Mobile

The redesigned site provides access to library-oriented services for users of mobile, web-enabled devices.


The redesigned NC State University Libraries Mobile website, launched on December 9, 2011, builds on the success of the earlier mobile website that has served the Libraries since October 30, 2009.  This service builds on the earlier work done for the MobiLIB project.

How We Did It

Using a lightly customized implementation of the jQuery Mobile framework, the team set out to design a mobile website that could serve current needs, but be flexible enough to grow as demand for mobile services changes and increases.

It is important to note that smart decisions made as part of earlier non-mobile technical efforts at NC State University Libraries significantly contributed to the rapid development of this site. By utilizing existing APIs for services such as the catalog, library hours and computer availability, we were able to focus more time on optimizing the content for mobile devices.