The Hunt Library Vision

The NC State University Libraries has earned an international reputation for an intense and sustained focus on how students learn and how faculty create and share knowledge in an age of digital technology and collaboration. The James B. Hunt Jr. Library builds on all we have learned to create an iconic building that captures the spirit of NC State University’s strengths in science, engineering, technology, and textiles. 

The Hunt Library both enables and reflects NC State’s mission to “promote an integrated approach to problem solving that transforms lives and provides leadership for social, economic, and technological development across North Carolina and around the world.” Its bold design embodies its bold purpose—to be a place not of the past but of the future, a place where our students, faculty, and partners can gather to learn, experiment, collaborate, and strengthen NC State’s long tradition of leading transformative change. 

A great research library is more than collections, technologies, and comfortable workspaces—a great library inspires. It provides unique, inclusive, and accessible spaces that encourage collaboration, reflection, creativity, and awe. The Hunt Library is an international model for those who seek to explore how collaborative spaces and innovative applications of technology can inspire the next generations of students, researchers, instructors, and more. It stands as the intellectual and social center of NC State’s Centennial Campus and serves as a hub for the university community and its corporate, governmental, and institutional partners.

Plans and Documents

Hunt Library Vision Statement

James B. Hunt Jr. Library Programming & Pre-Design, Final Report, Oct. 24, 2008