Hunt Library Accessibility


Map of Hunt Library on Partners Way. To the west, Poulton pay lot has 2 accessible spaces available. Just north of that, the Partners 1 Lot has 8 accessible spaces available, and north of that the Oval West parking deck has 13 accessible spaces. There is a steep grade from the Oval West parking deck down to Partners 1 Lot on Partners Way. A more accessible path to the library cuts through the Partners 1 lot, or alternatively crosses Partners Way and cuts through The Oval.

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Visitor Parking

Visitors can use the two accessible parking spaces in the Poulton Pay Lot across Partners Way from Hunt Library. This is the closest parking lot. The spaces are located on the upper deck. There is an accessible path to the library.

Hourly parking fees apply Monday through Friday, 7am–5pm. Parking is free outside of these hours, including on the weekends. The parking payment machine accepts credit cards.

Parking for campus permit holders

“C” and “CC” permit holders will find eight accessible parking spaces in the Partners I Lot. This lot includes two van-accessible spaces. This parking lot is located across Partners Way from Hunt Library, to the north. There is an accessible path to the library.

“C” permit holders will also find 13 accessible parking spaces in the Oval West Parking Deck. This parking deck is located north of Hunt Library on Partners Way. It has an elevator. There is an accessible path to the library.

The NC State Accessible Spaces Map shows the location of accessible parking spaces for all of campus. Note that spaces may require “B,” “C,” or other permits in addition to the accessible parking permit.

Building Access and Facilities


The Hunt Library building is ADA-accessible. Both entrances have power-assisted doors.

From the Partners Way entrance, which is on the first floor, take the elevator to the second floor, where the Hunt Library is located. Within the Hunt Library, another set of elevators can take you to upper floors.

The NC State University Accessibility Map (PDF) shows detailed information about the accessibility of buildings and routes.


All public restrooms in the Hunt Library are ADA-accessible.

A gender-inclusive, single-occupant restroom is located on the first floor, just past the elevators. (See map.)


Accessible technologies in the Hunt Library are available from Ask Us, located on the second floor. You can use these technologies whenever the Hunt Library is open. (See hours.)

No appointment is necessary, but you are welcome to request an orientation to the technology. Schedule an appointment with a library staff member by calling (919) 515-7110.

Technologies include:

Height-adjustable tables

Available in Group Study Rooms 2306, 3243, and 4512 (view reservation availability).