Eighteenth Century Research

This guide was created to support the 2014 student multimedia research contest: Innovation and the Eighteenth Century.

Looking for Ideas?

These reference books give you a glimpse of different realms of life during the 18th century - everything from inventions, arts, culture, trade, and more.

Groundbreaking scientific experiments, inventions, and discoveries of the 18th century

Daily Life in 18th-Century England

Colonial America: An Encyclopedia of Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic History (5 vols)
E162 .C68 2006 (Learning Commons, D. H. Hill Jr.)

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment (2 vols)
D286 .D54 2001 (Learning Commons, D. H. Hill Jr.)

Dictionary of Literary Biography (series)
PN451 .D54 (Learning Commons, D. H. Hill Jr.)
-    American Colonial Writers, 1607-1734 (v. 24)
-    American Colonial Writers, 1735-1781 (v. 31)
-    American Women Prose Writers to 1820 (v. 200)

Books on Early American History and Culture, 2001-2005: An Annotated Bibliography
Organized into broad categories such as Race and slavery, Labor and class, Families and Children, etc., this lists and describes scholarly books.
-    Editions covering earlier scholarship in print in bookstacks