EOS Rebel

Note: All Canon Rebel Cameras are walk-up only and cannot be requested. A limited number of Canon 70D camera kits are available for request with an academic or institutional purpose. 

The Canon camera comes with a single flexible zoom lens that allows for stunning macro and distance photography. It is capable of capturing high resolution video as well as high quality still photographs. We also offer a limited number of flash kits the enable you to supplement the built-in flash for finer grain control over indoor photo shoots. The Canon EOS Rebel models include the T4i, T5i and T6i.

Kit Includes:

  • Canon EOS Rebel
  • Canon 18-135mm EF-S IS STM Lens
  • Charging accessories
  • SD Card


We also offer additional accessory kits for Canon DSLR cameras. 

Video kits that include an additional lens, shotgun microphone, and a LED light that help enhance the standard features of the camera to better light scenes and capture stereo audio. 

Lens kits include a fisheye lens, a macro lens, and a telephoto lens

Canon EOS Rebel manual and quick reference guide.

You can find all lendable devices at the Ask Us desk.

Canon DSLR