Gifts and Donations

The Libraries is not accepting donations of books and other materials for the general collection or for the Frank B. Armstrong Memorial Book Sale.

Updated June 14, 2021


General Collection Donation Inquiries

The Libraries is no longer accepting donations of books and other materials for the general collection. This change is aligned with the Libraries’ aim to develop, maintain, and enhance user-focused, demand-driven, and network-based collections that reflect the strengths of the university. Space constraints and the high costs associated with evaluating and processing donated materials are also factors that guide this change in our donation acceptance practice for the general collection.

Special Collections Donations

The Libraries reviews offers of unique or rare books, personal papers and collections in a separate process conducted by Archives and Special Collections staff members. More information about donations reviewed by the Special Collections Research Center

Donation Alternatives

Please consider other donation alternatives such as your local public library, used books stores, Goodwill, or other charitable organizations. Some options to consider include the following (please review their donation policies to ensure that they are a good match for your donation):