Visualizing Library Data


Usage of library services such as computers, group study rooms, and web-based applications may be visualized in a variety of ways. Usage data can be analyzed for assessment purposes, or to identify previously unrecognized patterns of use that can lead to new and improved library services. By creating sets of visualized content for various data sources across the Libraries, this project works to improve understanding of how the library is used from a variety of perspectives.


  • Joyce Chapman, Digital Library Initiatives

Technical Details

The project uses a variety of source data formats, from custom logs and database tables to Excel spreadsheets. Visualizations are created using a variety of tools -- such as the Google Visualization API, Protovis, GGplot2, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Illustrator -- to display the data as both static and interactive graphs.


Publically Available Reports and Presentations

Chapman, Joyce and David Woodbury (2011). ALA 2011 poster. "Using Data To Improve a Technology Lending Service."

Chapman, Joyce (2010). "NCSU Special Collections Physical Materials Usage Patterns (2007-2010)."

Chapman, Joyce (2009). "Course Views ("Library Tools") Usage Patterns (2008-2009)."

Last updated: July 18, 2011