Wolfpack Citizen Science Challenge

Through periodic challenges to participate in campus-based studies led by NC State investigators, the Wolfpack Citizen Science Challenge engages students as collaborators in ongoing research about their environment.

Spring 2018 Challenge: Where is Delftia?

We're going on a treasure hunt for a microbe that lives all around (and on) us—Delftia acidovorans, the microbe that poops gold and laughs in the face of mouthwash! Find out more and get involved here.

Past Challenges

What have we learned so far? Check out our past challenges!

  • What mammals use the forest patches scattered around the NC State campus? The Fall 2016 Challenge asked students, faculty, and staff to use camera traps to make discoveries about the mammals that live right here on campus.
  • The Spring 2017 Challenge asked the campus community to make observations of Triangle area plants, animals, and fungi for the City Nature Challenge.

Stay Connected

Sign up for the citsci-ncsu listserv to learn about campus citizen science activities. Use the hashtag #WolfpackCitSci on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest news and share your experiences participating in the challenges.

If you have questions about the Wolfpack Citizen Science Challenge, contact Karen Ciccone at nrl_library@ncsu.edu.