Configuring Google Scholar

This video will show you how to make sure Google Scholar connects to NC State University resources, whether you're on campus or off.

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    Google Scholar is a powerful search engine that uses Google's algorithms to search for scholarly literature.

    When you're on campus, Google Scholar will automatically link you to the NCSU Libraries' journal and database subscriptions. However, when you're off campus, you might see a message to buy an article from a publisher.

    This video will show you how to tell Google Scholar to display the "Find Text @ NCSU" Links alongside your search results. This way, even when you're off campus, you can enjoy the same access you get on campus.

    Once you've logged into your NC State University Google account, go to the Google Scholar homepage, and click on the settings link.

    On the left side of the "Settings" screen, you will see a button that says "Library links".

    Clicking this link will take you to the "Library access links" search box.  Type NCSU into the search box, and click on the blue magnifying glass button to the right.

    When the page refreshes, check the box that says "North Carolina State University - Find Text @ NCSU", and update your settings by clicking the blue "Save" button.   Your browser will remember this setting, so the next time you go to Google Scholar, you will see "Find Text @ NCSU" links in your search results whether you're on campus or off.  Note that if you use multiple web browsers or computers, you may need to configure this setting for each browser you use.

    If you have any questions about configuring your Google Scholar settings, or about using Google Scholar in your research, Ask a Librarian for Help!

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Video added on April 1, 2020


  • Anne Burke: Project Lead
  • Cas Saroza: Storyboard, Script, Video Production and Editing, Audio Editing, Narration


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