Innovation Studio Instruction Support

Instructor teaching a workshop in the innovation studio. The Innovation Studio team supports instructors and engages with courses in two primary ways: showcasing student work in interactive exhibits and teaching workshops in futures thinking. 

Showcasing Student Work 

The Innovation Studio is an exhibition space for sharing student work with a broader audience, as either ongoing exhibits or one-time events. Our interactive projection tables can display digital media (text, video, and audio) and can incorporate physical or interactive creations. Student showcase events in this adaptable space can take many different forms, depending on your content and goals. 

In producing ongoing exhibits, we often consult with courses early in their projects to discuss the Innovation Studio’s context, goals, and audience. Making an exhibit gives students the valuable experience of translating their disciplinary knowledge for a general audience. Exhibits can incorporate a wide variety of media and accommodate large groups and varying amounts of content. Our Exhibiting Guide gives more detail on making exhibit content.

The Studio is also a great space for student showcase events. We have hosted multiple end-of-semester events for courses to present their work to an open audience. These have included various combinations of slide presentations by students, analog table displays, exhibits using our interactive system, video screenings, and more. If you’re interested in using the space in this way, please reach out to with your ideas and questions.

Futures Thinking Workshops

Our team also teaches workshops on futures thinking, challenging students to creatively and critically consider many possible futures. We currently offer two workshops designed to inspire creative problem-solving and innovative reasoning. These workshops—Futures Thinking and Forecasting the Future: Writing Speculative Microfictions—can work in tandem or as a standalone workshop. Both can also be tailored to meet the learning objectives of your course. 

You’ll find detailed descriptions of each workshop below along with examples of recent course collaborations. If you’d like more information on how an Innovation Studio workshop could fit into your unit or course, please email us at

Futures Thinking (Synchronous, In-person or Online)

We are all futurists. We engage with the future every day, and there are even people who get paid to think about the future (called, well, futurists). In Futures Thinking 101, we provide a toolkit of resources which you can use to start thinking like a futurist in your personal and academic projects. To get the ball rolling, we start with a game to help us consider how our decisions can actively (or passively) shape and/or redirect the future.

No prior knowledge required. We recommend this workshop to anyone interested in thinking creatively about the many possible futures for themselves, their discipline, their community, and beyond. 

Forecasting the Future: Writing Speculative Microfictions (Synchronous, In-person or Online)

Futures Thinking is an interdisciplinary method for considering different versions of the future.  It’s also a set of tools and approaches you can use to help realize the most desirable of those futures and guard against the not-so-great ones. In this workshop, we engage in speculative thinking by identifying signals and drivers of change that exist now and how they affect and even create possible futures. With these signals and drivers in hand, we generate future forecasts in the form of microfictions (tiny, tiny stories) that will serve as a basis for discussing our collective future. 

Not a writer? Not a problem! We’ll give you some templates and guide you through the process step by step.

Recent Collaborations

  • Data Science 495 (Data Physicalization)
  • English 492 (Filming in a Time of Emergency)
  • Graphic Design 400 (Advanced Graphic Design)
  • History 382 (History of Capitalism in America)
  • Science & Technology Studies 214 (Intro to STS)
  • Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 350 (Feminist Futures)

Request an Innovation Workshop

If you still have questions about workshops, please send us an email at

And if you’re ready to set up a workshop (or two!), please fill out the library instruction request form and choose Innovation Studio.