Hunt_Auditorium_1.jpgFilm screening in large auditoriumHunt_Auditorium_2.jpgPanorama of Hunt Auditorium filled with people
Film screening in large auditorium
Panorama of Hunt Auditorium filled with people

Building: James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Floor: First Floor

Room: 1103

The Auditorium provides for panel discussions, HD capture and video conferencing sessions, and special presentations like roundtables and mini forums. The audiovisual system includes an extended desktop display solution enabling multiple images to be projected on the projection screen. A sample of equipment in the room includes: two HD DLP projectors, multi-windowing video processor, blu-ray player and auxiliary AV inputs, program audio and movie surround sound system, color touch panel with source device preview and lighting control, and three HD cameras and associated mics for videoconferencing.

  •   How do I reserve and access this space?

    NC State users may request use of the Auditorium on the Reserve a Classroom site or emailing or calling Registration and Records at (919) 515-2572.

  •   How do I get there?

    From Partners Way

    • Enter the library building.
    • Continue straight and the Auditorium is in front of you.

    From the Oval

    • Enter the library building.
    • Take the elevator down to the first floor.
    • Turn left and continue toward the exterior doors.
    • Turn right and the Auditorium doors are on your right.