Shout-out for Susan Ivey, Moira Downey

Susan Ivey, Moira Downey

Last week, Susan and Moira participated in a meeting of the Research Operations Council (ROC), the group of our campus' high level administrators that provides leadership for NC State's research endeavors. Susan and Moira created a fantastic, clear presentation about a recent governmental memo (OSTP memo) that will have significant implications for our campus and the Libraries. Susan did an outstanding job presenting info on what the memo outlines, the impacts it could have on NC State, the support already in place (much of it led by the Libraries), as well as gaps that need to be addressed. The presentation was compelling and engaged many of the research leaders on our campus. Those of us there were able to field questions and support the info that Susan presented. Kudos to Susan and Moira!

- Hilary Davis, Sep 23, 2022