Research Study Guidelines


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The D. H. Hill Library provides a limited number of small, locked study rooms to facilitate research and publication projects requiring extensive use of library resources. Study use is reserved for NCSU faculty, doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty emeriti, visiting faculty, and full-time lecturers. Since demand for studies exceeds the number available, the Library Administration will make assignments based on need and actual and/or projected use. Studies should be used often. Studies are not conference rooms, offices, or retreats for projects not requiring frequent access to library resources.



Research study room assignments are of three types, long term, short term, and daily. Long-term assignments last one period, either August 16 through December 31 or January 1 through August 15. Full academic year assignments are available for doctoral students engaged in dissertation work. Applications for an entire period are accepted at least two months preceding the period. Short-term assignments last less than one period, generally several weeks, and applications are accepted at any time. Daily assignments last one day, and applications are accepted any time. Two or more people may be assigned to large studies, located in the north tower, but small studies, located in the south tower, accommodate only one person. First priority for single studies is given to doctoral students and assignees who demonstrate heavy use of their assigned study as determined by responses to surveys.

Application Procedure

Applications are available in the Library Administration Office and via the web. Applicants must complete a form providing:

  • a brief description of the research or publication project
  • justification for use of a study
  • length of time the study is needed
  • frequency of use of library materials
  • a $25 key deposit is required

Renewals of Long-Term Assignments

Renewals of long-term assignments require a new application form. Assignees who voluntarily relinquish assignments during the regular academic year or summer months will be given first priority in the next period. Decisions on renewals will be based on the written justification for continued use and on the extent of use during the previous period as determined by responses to surveys.

Extensions of Short-Term Assignments

Extensions of short-term assignments will be considered if made before expiration of the assignment. Decisions on extensions will be based on the written justification for continued use and on the extent of use as determined by responses to surveys, if applicable.

Loss of Assignment and/or Key Deposit

Failure to renew or extend an assignment results in cancellation of the assignment. Failure to return the key within one month after the expiration of the assignment results in forfeiture of the key deposit.

Appeals of non-assignment decisions and forfeiture of key deposits are heard and decided by the University Library Committee.


  • Electrical appliances used to heat or prepare food and drinks are not permitted in research study rooms. Violation of this rule will result in cancellation of the study room assignment.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the study rooms or anywhere in the library building.
  • Library materials left in studies overnight without being checked out will be removed and returned to their proper collection location.
  • Three or more people may be assigned to studies furnished for only two researchers; desks, tables, chairs, and bookshelves must be shared. One occupant should not "take over" the room, and personal equipment should not interfere with the use of the room by other assignees.
  • An assignee may loan his/her key to co-workers or assistants during an assignment period, however, extra keys will not be issued. The key deposit will be forfeited if the key is lost or if it is not returned within 30 days of the end of the study assignment.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for personal items left or stored in rooms.
  • Facilities problems such as malfunctioning lights, air conditioning, and housekeeping problems should be reported to the Library's Administration Office at 515-7188.
  • The Library does not provide mail, telephone, or message service to the research studies.

* These policies and procedures were developed by the University Library Committee. This Committee has responsibility for advising the NCSU Libraries on such policies.