Library Widget System

Infrastructure for assembling and serving dynamic and reusable bits of library content.


The Library Widget System provides an infrastructure for assembling and serving dynamic and reusable bits of library content. By breaking up complex problems into simpler widgets, larger projects can be built using different combinations of Widgets, which each draw their content from different data sources. As a result, the maintenance cost of these complex systems is reduced and useful library content is packaged for reuse. For example, creating Course Views that were both maintainable and appropriately specific relied heavily on the encapsulation of content provided by the Widget System.

How We Did It

The Library Widget System is a RESTful web service designed to manage and simplify the development of independent PHP classes which deliver easily reusable content drawn from diverse sources. This system consists of a dynamic handler, one or more abstract classes for building widgets, and a structured directory, file, and class naming pattern. It is relatively easy for a developer to create new widgets in this environment by following a few simple naming and programming conventions.


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