An application for helping students meet up in groups at the library.


Please Note: GroupFinder was decommissioned on December 17, 2015 and is no longer being supported. 

GroupFinder is a tool designed to help students let group members know where they are studying in the library. In a building with high use and uneven cellular service coverage, it is often difficult for students to locate a space to work in a group, and it is also challenging for groups to let latecomers know where they are working. GroupFinder is an attempt to solve these problems by providing a low-barrier method for students to broadcast their location in the building. Once an activity is posted to GroupFinder, it is displayed in a number of places:

  • The GroupFinder kiosk in the main lobby
  • The library's e-board system
  • Any computer with an internet connection
  • The Libraries' mobile site

GroupFinder also provides short directions to each of the locations in its system.