Discovery Environment Usability Test

In the spring and summer of 2010, the ITAC (IT Advisory Committee) Discovery Environment Team designed the tabbed search interface for the homepage of the Libraries' redesigned website. We also designed the search box in the header of all the website's pages beyond the homepage. An earlier usability test (see /userstudies/studies/2010_navigation_testing) informed those design decisions. That was our pre-test. After the redesigned website went live in August 2010, the Discovery Environment Team had one remaining task: a post-test, a usability test of the new site. We conducted the test in February 2011.

How We Did It

We had 10 participants, all students. Of the 10, 2 are graduate students and 8 are undergraduates (2 sophomores, 3 juniors, and 3 seniors). 6 are women and 4 are men. They represent nearly every college at NCSU: Engineering, Management, Natural Resources, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Textiles, and Agriculture and Life Sciences.