The Timber-Wolf at the Hunt Library

You don't have to travel down to Universal Studios to see the latest in animatronic wonders. Just head over to the Hunt Library where the Apple Technology Showcase now holds Timber-Wolf, compliments of two Mechanical Engineering students who envisioned the project, pulled together the funding, and made it the capstone work for their senior year.

Michelle Phillips and Kevin Young, both of whom will graduate in May, collaborated with seven academic departments and other groups across campus to bring NC State's latest wolf to life, bringing together funding from the Park Program and Office of Undergraduate Research, expert assistance from the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and close collaboration with the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative.

The Libraries joined this effort to transform the original three-inch, $3 toy wolf into an interactive, moving work of art by providing the Makerspace's 3D scanners, which allowed Michelle and Kevin to create a digital "map" of the wolf's shape and contours. The Libraries' Arduino inventor kit inspired the programmable platform for controlling the Timber-Wolf's movement ‚ÄĚtilting its ears and closing its jaw to howl.

Though we've turned off the howl (this is a library, after all), drop by on your next trip to the Hunt Library and put Timber-Wolf through the rest of its paces.