Clarence Lamoureux measures snow in Raleigh in February 1948

Let It Snow (and Ice and Melt)

It feels like we're finally digging out from our record-tying single December day snowfall from Sunday and Monday (Dec 9 & 10). The roads are still a little slick in spots, but 50 degree days are ahead. NC winters are fickle. 

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We’re improving our search in January!

Open-source tools and a new look-and-feel are coming to our catalog interface

Ed leftwich, First African American Freshman Awarded a Basketball Scholarship at NC State

Fabulous 50: Ed Leftwich

Ed Leftwich was recruited to the men's basketball team 50 years ago in 1968. The native of Burlington, NJ, became the first African American freshman to receive a basketball scholarship at NC State.

Betty Debnam Hunt in her Raleigh, NC office and studio

From your front lawn to your computer screen

The NCSU Libraries extends Betty Debnam Hunt’s Mini Page legacy through “Learning is Fun” Mini Page memorabilia covers the walls of the decorated studio in Betty Debnam Hunt’s home in Raleigh.

The Arch


The Libraries was well-represented at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference in St. Louis in November.

Students study for exams.

Depend on the Libraries during exams

Special hours, late-night coffee, exam survival kits and more

'blom' by Lucas Swick

Visualization with a Conscience

The Immersive Scholar program’s first resident artists visualize data through activist lenses Keep your eye on the video walls at the Hunt Library this fall. You’ll see research projects, images, and content from student contests as usual.

A fox outside Sullivan Hall in a photo contributed by Instagram user Noah Brewer.

The coyote who said “cheese”

You are an animal, and you share your habitat with other animals. And no, that’s not referring to your roommate or your children. You share habitat with raccoons and deer, cats and foxes, coyotes and possums. You might not find yourself face to face with them very often, but you all live together.

Dr. Loomis and others examining a Grant’s gazelle at the N.C. Zoo, 1985

Collection Guides for the James F. Wright Papers and Michael Loomis Papers Now Available

Additions to the James F. Wright Papers (MC 00373) and the Michael Loomis Papers (MC 00407) are now fully processed and reflected in the Special Collections Collection Guides.