Cha-ching for the NCSU Libraries


A drop in the bucket really adds up. The Homecoming Committee selected the NCSU Libraries as the Penny Wars beneficiary for the second straight year. Teams sponsored donation buckets on the Brickyard during the week of Oct. 24-28, and students turned out their pockets to the tune of $3,162.57 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters—as well as a few small bills. That’s just over a grand more than last year’s donation total of $2,159.66.

NC State alumnus Wilson White (‘03), Public Policy and Government Relations Senior Counsel at Google and member of the Friends of the Library Board of Directors, will make a matching donation for the full $3,162.57 this year, marking the second straight year that he has matched the Penny Wars total.

Delta Gamma/Phi Delta Theta was the Spirit Week winner this year, with a whopping 63,612 pennies. The non-Greek organization winner was Student Government. Each team won an ice cream social and can nominate a name for the Hunt Library’s unnamed bookBot during the Libraries’ #sadbookbot campaign.

"By supporting the NCSU Libraries, this campaign demonstrated our continued efforts to preserve and sustain the cultural and informational value this extensive platform of knowledge brings to our campus,” said Samuel Shain (‘19), who ran the Student Government campaign. “Thousands of students across all colleges, fields of study, and grade levels take advantage of the NCSU Libraries. It's about time we start showing our collective support and give back."

All “Penny Wars” donations support the Fund for Library Excellence.