News Stories By Todd Kosmerick

Masthead of School of Textiles News, 1968, published by the college's Textile Extension and Continuing Education unit.

Fabulous 50: Textiles Extension

Textiles Extension began fifty years ago in 1968 with short courses in Raleigh, Charlotte, and New York.  According to a press release... more

Foods that Rate at N. C. State, Woman's Club cookbook of 1954.

Foodie Friday: Woman's Club Cookbooks and Pickled Shrimp

The North Carolina State University Woman's Club has produced cookbooks occasionally throughout its history.  Founded in 1919 to "unite the women connected with the college in a common interest for the promotion of welfare and advancement" of NC State, its membership primarily... more

J. H. Ripple became NC State's first All-American athlete in 1918.

Wonderful 100: NC State's First All-American Athlete

The 1918 football season was disappointing for NC State.  We played only four games and lost three of them.  That season had a bright note, however, in that one team member,  J. H. "Gus" Ripple, became the first NC State athlete selected as an All-American.  The... more

4-Hers in the Camp Schaub dining hall in Haywood Co., NC, ca. 1955.

Foodie Friday: Brunswick Stew

In the days before agricultural mechanization in North Carolina, the tobacco harvesting and curing frequently included communal meals to feed all the workers, relatives, and neighbors involved.  ... more

Special Collections Open

The Special Collections Research Center has reopened.  The Special Collections hours today (and other days) are posted on the NCSU Libraries website.


Special Collections During Hurricane Florence

The Special Collections Research Center will be closed Sept. 13-16 because of Hurricane Florence.  We expect to reopen on Monday, Sept. 17, at 8:00 am Eastern Time.  Special Collections hours are posted on the... more

Boy eating corn on the cob at the NC State Fair, ca. 1979

Foodie Friday: Sweet Corn

Eating sweet corn is a summer ritual in North Carolina (or almost anywhere else in the United States!).  Below are a few links to a variety of corn recipes from historic NC Cooperative Extension publications.

Basic instructions for preparing... more

Masthead of the American Agriculturalist, 1848, an American periodical for farm men and women.

Foodie Friday: 19th Century Mac & Cheese

This week will be our last look back at recipes from the American Agriculturist, at least for now.  In the November 1848 issue (pp. 352-353) I found a recipe that looks a lot like macaroni and... more

Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis crispa or spathulata)

Foodie Friday: Mushroom Ketchup

Thought all ketchup involved tomatoes?  Think again!  According the the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word once covered "a wide variety of spiced gravies and sauces." One nineteenth-century source... more

Steve Rerych

Fabulous 50: Olympic Gold

Fifty years ago at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, NC State's Steve Rerych won... more