Library Article Linker


What is this?

Use the Library Article Linker to connect to thousands of licensed full text journals and magazines.

  • Create stable links to articles
  • Links will work on and off campus
  • Use the links in your online syllabi and reading lists

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Why use this?

The problem: Making a link the usual way -- copying and pasting the URL in your web browser's address bar -- often will not work. Those URLs may contain temporary variables that will not work later. Also, those URLs may not work from off-campus.

The solution: Use the Library Article Linker to create links that are stable over time and work properly from both on and off campus.

How do I use this?

Step 1. Find the best link to the article

A "DOI" (digital object identifier) will work best. DOIs look like this: 10.1016/j.fishres.2005.10.002.

If your article does not list a DOI, many databases will provide an alternative URL for linking. These links are often labeled as: "Persistent Link", "Article URL", "Full Text Link", "Durable Link", etc.

Not able to locate a special link to the article? The URL displayed in your web browser's address bar may work just as well.

Step 2. Create a library article link

Copy and paste the article DOI or URL below into the box above and click "Submit". Your newly formatted library article link will appear immediately below the box in yellow.

Step 3. Test your library article link

Click on the "test" link that appears next to the generated URL to make sure the link works before including it in the links you create. If for some reason the generated URL doesn't work, contact Josh Boyer for assistance.

Step 4. Use your new library article link

Copy the generated URL to create links to the articles in your online syllabi and reading lists.