See and Do

At the New Hill Library

G Ground floor

Brickyard entrance and lobby

The Brickyard Entrance features a grand staircase that leads from the ground floor to the first, second, and third floors. The four-story window to the west floods the space with natural light, making the nearby mezzanine a warm and cozy spot for studying.

Map of the ground floor of the Hill Library
Hill Library entry staircase leading into renovated space
The grand staircase at the Hill Library.

1 Level One

Hillsborough St. entrance and lobby

Our recent renovation project includes the reopening of the Hillsborough Street entrance—a change that was much celebrated by our campus community. Leading up to the building, you’ll find gorgeous landscaping, convenient access to bus stops, and plenty of bike storage. Inside the sleek new sliding doors is a lobby equipped with new turnstiles and a security desk. For first-time visitors to campus, this entrance is just steps away from all Hillsborough Street has to offer!

Hill Library Hillsborough Street Entrance seen from the street
The Hillsborough Street entrance at the Hill Library.
Map of the first floor of the Hill Library

2 Level Two

Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio features groundbreaking student and faculty work that will inspire you and workshops and events that will give you the tools and knowledge to bring your own innovative ideas to life. Equipped with a sound system and a four-projector array with overhead sensors, the Innovation Studio gives you the ability to combine digital content with physical artifacts in new and exciting ways.

The Innovation Studio at the Hill Library.
The Innovation Studio at the Hill Library.

DASA's Academic Success Center

Student services including tutoring and writing and speaking support are available at the Academic Success Center (formerly the University Tutorial Center), on the second floor of the north tower. Students also have access to career counseling and academic advising services, making the Hill Library a one-stop- shop for nearly everything a student needs to be successful.

The Academic Success Center.
The Academic Success Center.
Map of the second floor of the Hill Library

3 Level Three Tower

Data Experience Lab

The Data Experience Lab features reservable Windows and Mac workstations optimized for data-intensive work with high-end graphics processors, enough memory and storage for large projects, and software for data analysis and data visualization. A large touch screen is available for sharing projects, viewing visualizations, or examining high-resolution image data. Data Science Consultants provide help with everything from basic data skills to in-depth digital research projects, as well as consultations on data science, visualization, open research workflows, and digital humanities methods.

The Data Experience Lab.
The Data Experience Lab.
Map of the third level of the Hill Library

Visualization Studio

Featuring 360-degree projection and surround sound capabilities in a round, 29-foot-wide space, the Visualization Studio enables immersive, multisensory experiences from content in all disciplines. Whether you are being transported to the Neolithic tombs in the Orkney Islands or annotating the Bayeux Tapestry while its story unfurls around you, this space allows you to showcase large-scale visual content outside a traditional classroom setting.

The Visualization Studio at the Hill Library greets visitors to the third floor.
The Visualization Studio at the Hill Library greets visitors to the third floor.