1910 Census Reports: Decennial Population and Housing Censuses Research Guide

NCSU Libraries Guide to Census Data Resources - Provides links to online and other electronic data sources.
US Census Bureau 1910 Documents as PDFs

Questionnaire, instructions, and table headers
* Questionnaire description and Instructions to Enumerators - from Measuring America (Sept. 2002)
* Form of Schedule for Enumeration of Population - from 1910 Population Census, vol. 1 (C3.16:1)

Thirteenth Census of the United States: 1910, Population, in 4 vols.
U.S. Documents C3.16:1-4
* GEOGRAPHIES:   Nation, Divisions, States, Territories, Urban/Rural, Cities, Central Cities, Metropolitan Districts (200,000+), Cities (100,000+), Cities (25,000+), Places (2,500+)
* CONTENTS:   Vol. 1, General Report and Analysis, contains 16 chapters on
  -   Number and Distribution of Inhabitants
  -   Color or Race, Nativity, and Parentage
  -   Sex Distribution
  -   Age Distribution
  -   Marital Conduct
  -   State of Birth of the Native Population
  -   Country of Birth of the Foreign-Born Population
  -   Country of Origin of the Foreign-Born White Stock
  -   Mother Tongue of the Foreign White Stock
  -   Year of Immigration of the Foreign-Born Population
  -   Voting Age, Militia Age, and Naturalization
  -   School Attendance
  -   Illiteracy
  -   Inability to Speak English
  -   Dwellings and Families
  -   Ownership of Homes

Vols. 2-3, Reports by State and Territory, contain 2 chapters per State with:
  -   Population, 1890-1910, for Minor Civil Divisions
  -   Population, 1890-1910, for Incorporated Places
  -   Composition and Characteristics for
      -   State and Counties
      -   Cities 25,000+
      -   Cities 10,000-25,000
      -   Places 2,500-10,000
      -   Ward of Cities 50,000+

Vol. 4, Occupation Statistics, contains 6 tables for persons 10+ years old engaged in specified occupations:
  -   Total persons
  -   Total persons, by sex
  -   Total persons, by sex, for cities 100,000+
  -   Total persons, by sex, for cities 25,000-100,000
  -   Total persons, by sex, for territories
  -   Total persons, by age periods, color or race, nativity, and parentage, and sex

Thirteenth Census of the United States: 1910, Abstract of the Census
U.S. Documents C3.15:N 81
* Contains a "Supplement for North Carolina" with county statistics
* Summarizes data on
  -   Population
  -   Agriculture
  -   Manufactures
  -   Mines and Quarries

From the 1870 Census forward, the number of published volumes grew each decade.   A comprehensive list of all these volumes is beyond the scope of this guide that focuses on the volumes addressing population and housing topics.