1850 Census Reports: Decennial Population and Housing Censuses Research Guide

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US Census Bureau 1850 Documents as PDFs

Questionnaire, instructions, and table headers
* Questionnaire and Instructions to Marshals and Assistants - from Measuring America (Sept. 2002)
* Table Finding Guide - from Seventh Census of the United States, 1850 (I8.5:1)
* Table headers - from Seventh Census of the United States, 1850 (I8.5:1)

Seventh Census of the United States: 1850
Census Bureau PDF file
U.S. Documents C3.14:850 (reclassed from I8.5:1)
* GEOGRAPHIES:   Nation, states, Territories, Counties; Nation-wide tables of all Counties, Districts, and Parishes; and of all Places
* CONTENTS:   The topics covered by the 1850 census increased significantly over those in previous censuses.
* A table finding guide (Index to all of the subjects treated of in the state tables (p. vii) is included for the first time.
* Data, usually at the county level, is presented in fourteen topical tables for each state.
  -   I. Population by counties--Classification of ages and color--Aggregates
  -   II. Population by subdivisions of counties
  -   III. Nativities of the population
  -   IV. Births, marriages, deaths, dwellings, and families
  -   V. Progress of population from 1790 to 1850
  -   VI. Deaf and dumb, blind, insane, and idiotic
  -   VII. Colleges, academies, schools, &c
  -   VIII. Attending school during the year as returned by families
  -   IX. Adults in the State who cannot read and write
  -   X. Professions, occupations, and trades of the male population
  -   XI. Agriculture, farms and implements, stock, products, home manufactures, &c
  -   XII. Newspapers and periodicals
  -   XIII. Libraries other than private
  -   XIV. Churches, church property, &c
* See the LINK HEREtable headers to identify statistics that include age ranges of persons.
* The 1850 census is an important one.   This volume abstracts previous census legislation from 1790 to 1850, introduces new questions for social statistics, for occupations, and includes data on immigration, the weather, and Indian population by tribe for 1789, 1825, and 1853.

[Compendium] Statistical View of the United States, based upon the several official returns, from the earliest period, and embracing a compendium of the census of 1850
Census Bureau PDF file
U.S. Documents C3.14:850/rep 1990 v. 4 (reclassed from I8.2:C73/1)
* GEOGRAPHIES:   States, Territories, Counties; Nation-wide table of Cities, Towns, Townships, Hundreds, &c
* California state census of 1852 is included.
* QUESTIONS:   Subject matter is first organized in five categories with national and state data:
  -   I. Territory
  -   II. Population
      - figures for White, Free Colored, Slave, Aggregate
      - records Families and dwellings; Sex; Age; Births, Marriages and Deaths; Deaf and Dumb, Blind, Insane, &c.; Occupations; Nativities
  -   III. Moral and Social Condition
  -   IV. Industry
      - Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce, Internal Improvements
  -   V. Property, Revenue, Taxation, etc.
* VI. contains Statistical Detail of Cities, Towns, and Counties

[Abstract] Seventh Census. Report of the Superintendent of the Census
Census Bureau PDF files
U.S. Documents C3.14:850/abstract (reclassed from I8.1:1852)
* Narrative text supplemented with tables.
* Topics: Population, House accommodations, Mortality, Origin (nativity), Deaf mutes, Blind, Insane, Education, Pauperism, Crime, Religion, Real and personal estate, Agriculture, Railroads, Telegraphs, Cost of work