Standards Available at NCSU Libraries

The NCSU Libraries buys online access to current and active standards from ASME and UL through IHS. (IHS Standards users are now required to access the IHS platform through a registered account. To register, you must provide your name and email address, as well as a password of your choosing. Your email address will serve as your username. If you need assistance with registering, contact IHS Customer Care at

Withdrawn or inactive standards and standards from other organizations will not be available online via IHS (you will see purchase prices for them). They can be ordered individually, at no cost to the patron, via the Standards form in Tripsaver (this service available only to current NCSU faculty, staff, students, and university affiliates). Several other standards sets listed below are available in print in the various NCSU Libraries.

This page summarizes access for the complete standard sets the NCSU Libraries buys or has free access to.

Online Standards


American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers - ASABE

ASABE technical library

American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME

Underwriters Laboratory - UL

Click on "IHS Standards Expert"

American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM

Code of Federal Regulations - CFR
Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers - IEEE
Military Standards and Specifications - MIL-STDS or MIL-SPECS
National Information Standards Organization - NISO
See below for ISO. NISO ≠ ISO.


Print Only Standards

Book/Serial Location

American Society of Agricultural Engineers - ASAE

Goes online as ASABE Technical Library in 2005

ASAE Standards (1984-2005)
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials - AASHTO Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists - AATCC AATCC Technical Manual
American Concrete Institute - ACI ACI Manual of Concrete Practice
American Oil Chemists’ Society - AOCS Official methods and recommended practices of the AOCS
American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE

SAE Handbook

CD-Rom (2006-present)
Books (1936-2005)

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry - TAPPI TAPPI Test Methods


ISO Standards
The NCSU Libraries does not buy access to all ISO documents, online or in print. There are, however, over 2000 books and documents related to ISO standards as well as approximately 230 items more tightly focused on ISO standards themselves in the collection.  Several hundred ISO and ISO/IEC standards are also publicly available through the ISO website.

Other standards books and documents
There are over 7000 books, documents and other materials in the Libraries relating to standards.