Course Reserves FAQs

How long do requests usually take to process?

If NCSU Libraries already owns the book you’ve requested and it isn’t checked out, it should be processed in just a day or two.  Otherwise it may take between one week and a month for us to either recall our own book or obtain a copy of a new book.

Where can students find the physical books I request?

Reserve books are kept behind the Ask Us desks at DH Hill and James B. Hunt Libraries.  From there, they can be checked out for two hour periods, after which they must be returned to the desk.  If no other student has requested the book when it is returned, it can be checked out for another two hours.

What if I need to add a physical item that someone has checked out?

If we own a copy of an item you’d like to add to your Course Reserves, but it’s checked out to another patron, NCSU Libraries will issue a recall on the item.  This changes the item’s due date to one week from the time of the recall, and notifies the patron via email.

One of my items got removed for copyright issues.  What should I do?

First, take a look at the Fair Use FAQ page provided by NCSU Libraries here, then check your email.  You’ve probably already been contacted about the item in question, and we’ll handle the problem on a case by case basis with you, either by email or phone.

What If One of My Students Can’t Access Class Materials?

First, check the enrollment in your course as shown below.  If you’re not able to add the student in question, send us an email at



Select Edit Enrollment from the right side of the Course page

Check the Current Enrollment list for the student’s name and Unity ID.  If it isn’t there, enter it in the search bar and click Add Student

What If an Online Item Isn’t Working?

First, try opening the item from a different browser, or with a different device. If you have extra security plugins or settings, try deactivating them.  Make sure you are logged in with the correct Unity credentials, that your account is active and in good standing, and that you are enrolled in (or registered to teach) the class.  If none of this makes any difference, and the item still isn’t working, send an email describing the problem to

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Last Edited: Jun 22, 2018

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