ARt: Augmented Reality in 3D

ARt: Augmented Reality in 3D is an interactive augmented reality exhibit of 3D digital models created by students in the College of Design’s ADN 423 Digital Modeling course, as well as the instructor, Emil Polyak. Augmented reality (AR) mixes the electronic and real worlds, often with digital images added to a person’s view of reality through phone cameras, like in the popular game Pokemon Go! or through high-tech headsets, like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

The students designed their models using Maya, a computer animation and modeling software, then uploaded them to Snapchat using Snapchat Lens Studio. They also created colorful ‘snapcodes’ that serve as targets for viewing the models. Viewing the models requires pointing a mobile device at the snapcode while in the Snapchat app and pressing on the screen in the center of the target. Patrons are welcome to use their own devices or devices that are available at the exhibit.

Although AR has been around for decades, recent advances in mobile technologies are bringing it literally into the hands of anyone with a smartphone. This exhibit showcases the possibilities for how AR technologies can be useful for enabling new types of interactions with 3D digital art and digital models more broadly. We hope this exhibit will inspire students to consider creating their own 3D models and take advantage of the software available in the Libraries to do so!




Friday, April 27, 2018 to Friday, August 31, 2018


Other Information

This exhibit will run through fall 2018.


The exhibit is free and open to the public during regular library hours