2017 Student Showcase

  • Burst of Color Burst of Color

The video walls of the Hunt Library are one of its most unique features. The four large-scale, high-definition displays integrated into the architecture of the building provide almost 800 square feet of pixel space. For this three-week exhibit, all of those pixels belong to NC State students.

This Student Showcase will feature some of the best multimedia created for the Hunt Library's video walls during the last academic year. From course assignments to self-driven projects, from hand-drawn illustrations to interactive data art, this Showcase is a curated exhibit that demonstrates the student body's talent for innovation in design, communication, computation, and research.

Featured projects include:

  • Submissions to the 2017 Code+Art contest
  • Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics: Work from the spring GD 503 Graduate Graphic Design Studio lead by Deborah Littlejohn and Matt Peterson. These pieces were developed from disparate correlating data sets to exemplify how statistics and visualization can be used to mislead and misinform.
  • #IHeartChemistryNCSU: Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams' fall Organic Chemistry class depicts the link between science and creativity. Each student chose an organic molecule, created a representation of it, and posted a picture or video of it online using #IHeartChemistryNCSU.
  • Biological Illustration: Close, careful observation is an essential skill for scientists - and for artists. Students in Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Jennifer Landin's Biological Illustration course (BIO 227) learn about a different group of life forms each week. Then, during lab, each person selects one organism or concept to draw. Students examine specimens, identify structures, learn about functions and consolidate all that information into a visual product.

Please come to the Hunt Library to enjoy these student-created pieces!