2017 Fall Student Showcase

  • Bibliophilia detail Bibliophilia detail

The video walls of the Hunt Library are one of its most unique features. The four large-scale, high-definition displays integrated into the architecture of the building provide almost 800 square feet of pixel space. For this three-week exhibit, all of those pixels belong to NC State students.

This Student Showcase will feature some of the best multimedia created for the Hunt Library's video walls during the fall 2017 semester. From course assignments to self-driven projects, from hand-drawn illustrations to electronic music, this Showcase is a curated exhibit that demonstrates the student body's talent for innovation in design, communication, computation, and research.

Featured projects include:

  • Bibliophilia: A celebration of browsing shelves in a library, Bibliophilia is a product of thirty graphic design students' research in the D. H. Hill Library's oversize collection, presented through ninety animated gifs.
  • Veterinary Illustration: VMC 991-29 is a selective course that offers veterinary students the opportunity to hone their observation as well as their drawing and illustration skills and emphasizes techniques for rendering from three dimensional objects, living animals, and photographs.
  • W.E.B. Du Bois Visualizations: Charts prepared by W.E.B. Du Bois for the Negro Exhibit of the American Section at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900.
  • America Through Our Eyes: The "America through Our Eyes" photo contest, hosted by the Office of International Services, is an opportunity for international students & scholars to showcase their travels & experiences in the US. Office of International Services Photo Competition. This gallery presents winners and submissions from the contest

Please come to the Hunt Library to enjoy these and other student-created pieces!