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GIS Computer Software in the Libraries

NCSU Libraries has two Windows 7 64-bit workstations devoted to geospatial and numeric data services. The software packages listed below are installed on the workstations for public use. If you need, or would like to suggest other software, contact Data Services.

Link Details about the workstations

GIS, CAD, and Other Mapping Software - Commercial
GIS/Mapping Software - Free and Open Source
GPS Software
  • G-Raster - Tools for adding raster data onto a Garmin GPS receiver. Also includes tools for converting and cropping GeoPDF topographic map files from the USGS to GeoTIFF for use in ArcMap.
  • GPS Babel

Math & Statistics Software
Other Academic Software
Office Software
Additional Utility Software

Former Workstations

Older software programs that may still be useful, but are not compatible with our newer 64-bit workstations, remain installed on the former GIS workstations, running Windows XP. These workstations are available only during daytime weekday hours. It's best to make an appointment by contacting Data Services.

GIS and Mapping
GeoLytics Census Software - Libraries' documentation website
  • CensusCD 1970 (goes to the tract level)
  • CensusCD 1980 (goes to the tract level)
  • CensusCD+Maps (1990, goes to the block group level)
  • CensusCD+Maps Blocks (1990, goes to the block level)
  • CensusCD 2000 Short Form (goes to the block group level)
  • CensusCD 2000 Short Form Blocks (goes to the block level)
  • CensusCD 2000 Long Form (goes to the block group level)
  • Neighborhood Change Database
  • Estimates & Projections
  • User Guides for the above are accessible via shortcuts from the Start menu

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