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Endeca at the NCSU Libraries


NCSU Endeca 2 1/2 years on: from NextGen to Normalcy, Charley Pennell, ALA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA, June, 2008.

A new kind of catalog, Charley Pennell, North Carolina Library Association Annual Meeting, Hickory, NC, October, 2007. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

Bringing the library to the user: the practice, Emily Lynema, AALL Annual Meeting: Technical Services SIS, New Orleans, LA, July 15, 2007. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

Forward to the past: resurrecting faceted search @ NCSU Libraries, Charley Pennell, ALA Annual: ALCTS Authority Control Interest Group, Washington, D.C., June 2007.

Endeca and Faceted Browsing: Giving the User a Useful Catalog, Scott Warren, South Carolina Library Association College and University Section Workshop: Keeping Up with Our Patrons: Adapting to User Expectations, Columbia, SC, June 7, 2007.

Implementing a Faceted Search Framework, Emily Lynema and Andrew K. Pace, UNC School of Information and Library Science, ASIS&T Student Chapter, April 9, 2007.

Users and Uses of Bibliographic Data: The Promise and Paradox of Bibliographic Control, Andrew Pace, Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, March 8, 2007. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

Opening the door: using Endeca for a faceted catalog, Emily Lynema, Michigan Library Consortium Workshop: Discovery and Access: The OPAC and Beyond, March 2, 2007. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

Free the data: creating a web services interface to the online catalog, Emily Lynema, Code4Lib 2007, February 28, 2007.

A Faceted Interface to the Library Catalog, Tito Sierra, ALA Midwinter Meeting, January 20, 2007. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

What difference a good tool? Using Endeca for a faceted catalog, Emily Lynema, ACRL Delaware Valley Chapter Fall Program, November 3, 2006. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

Unbundling the ILS @ NCSU: implementation of an e-commerce search solution, Emily Lynema and Andrew K. Pace, LITA National Forum, October 2006

Improving the Catalogue Interface using Endeca, Tito Sierra, Capitalize on Access 2006, October 2006. Endeca demo video (.wmv)

The Future of the Online Catalog, Andrew K. Pace, TRLN Annual Meeting, July 2006

Endeca: a faceted search solution for the library catalog, Emily Lynema and Kristin Antelman, UNC University Librarians Advisory Council (ULAC), June 2006

"Endeca @ NCSU Libraries," Kristin Antelman, presentation at the American Library Association meeting, June 24, 2006

Endeca @ NCSU Libraries, Andrew K. Pace and Emily Lynema, presentation to staff from University of Virginia Library, May 2006

Searching The Long Tail, Steve Papa (Endeca), Search Engine Meeting 2006, April 2006

Unbundling the ILS: Deploying an E-commerce Catalog Search Solution, Andrew K. Pace and Emily Lynema, Digital Library Federation Spring Forum, April 2006

Catalogs for the Future, Andrew K. Pace, Computers in Libraries, March 2006

Using Endeca for a Catalog Interface, Andrew K. Pace, UNC Center for Research and Development of Digital Libraries, March 2006

Implementation of a faceted catalog search solution, Emily Lynema and Kristin Antelman, Duke University Libraries, February 2006

OPAC Search & Navigation, Andrew K. Pace, Demo presentations for staff, January 2006

The Dis-Integration of Library Systems of the Future, Kristin Antelman, Presented to the 2005 Potomac Technical Processing Librarians (PTPL) Annual Meeting, Annapolis, MD, October 2005