Accessible Parking and Building Access

D. H. Hill Library


There are two parking places reserved for users with limited mobility on the Hillsborough Street side of D. H. Hill Library. There are other accessible parking locations on the perimeter of the Brickyard in the Patterson parking lot and on Broughton Drive east of the library.

Building Access

From the Brickyard (main entrance):
There are two wheelchair-accessible ramps located on the Brickyard side of the library. One ramp leads up to the main entrance doors from the east along the front of the building. The far right, eastern-most door is a power-assisted door operated by a push pad. Another wheelchair accessible ramp runs parallel with the steps on the western side of the main portico and goes down one level to a power-assisted door operated by a push pad. Immediately inside the door is an elevator that accesses the main entrance level of the library.

From Hillsborough Street:

Individuals with disabilities who need to enter the building from Hillsborough Street can apply for an access card to the Hillsborough Street door. This electronic proximity card will temporarily deactivate the lock and alarms and will automatically open the doors for unassisted entry.

Assisted Entry via the Atrium Dining Facility:
When the Atrium dining facility is open, individuals with disabilities can obtain staff-assisted entry into the library via the elevator in that area. For assistance entering the library, use the telephone in the Atrium to call (919) 515-3364, and library staff will bring the elevator to the ground-floor level.

Wheelchairs Provided

The Ask Us center on the First Floor can provide a wheelchair while you are at the D. H. Hill Library. Wheelchairs are available near the Entrance Desk on the Ground Floor, and outside the Friends of the Library office, First Floor, East Wing. Feel free to call ahead so we can meet you at the entrance. Call 919-515-3364. (Information for staff).

James B. Hunt Jr. Library


There are five car accessible spaces and one van accessible space in the Poutlon Deck paylot on Partners Way directly across the street from the library. There are more accessible parking options in the Partners Way Parking Deck located north of the library.

Building Access

From the Oval (east side):
There are power-assisted doors operated by a push pad at this main entrance to the library. You will enter the building on the second floor. Once inside the building, the entrance to the library is on the left.

From the Partners Way (west side):
There are power-assisted doors operated by a push pad at this entrance. You will enter the building on the first level. Take the elevator up one floor; the entrance to the library is to the right of the elevator.

Wheelchairs Provided

Wheelchairs are available near both entrances. On the 1st floor, wheelchairs are available to the right of the doors to the Auditorium. On the 2nd floor, wheelchairs are available just inside the gates near the Ask Us center. Ask Us staff can bring a wheelchair to you; call ahead so we can meet you at one of the entrances. Call 919-515-7110. (Information for staff.)

NC State University Accessibility

The NCSU Accessibility Map (PDF) shows accessible parking, building entries, walkways, and other information for the entire NC State campus.

Note that all parking spaces on campus require parking stickers that are issued through NCSU Transportation Department. For more information about accessible parking and permit applications, contact Transportation at (919) 515-3424 or the Transportation Accessibility Coordinator at (919) 515-8032.