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Number of Publications: 18
Barbieri, Carla E.

Norman, A. J., Stronen, A. V., Fuglstad, G. A., Ruiz-Gonzalez, A., Kindberg, J., Street, N. R., & Spong, G. (2017). Landscape relatedness: detecting contemporary fine-scale spatial structure in wild populations. Landscape Ecology, 32(1), 181-194.

Barbieri, C., Xu, S. Y., Gil-Arroyo, C., & Rich, S. R. (2016). Agritourism, farm visit, or ... ? A branding assessment for recreation on farms. Journal of Travel Research, 55(8), 1094-1108.

Xu, S. Y., Leung, Y. F., & Barbieri, C. (2016). Characterizing themed touring routes: A geospatial and tourism evaluation of wine trails. Tourism Planning & Development, 13(2), 168-184.

LaPan, C., Morais, D. B., Barbieri, C., & Wallace, T. (2016). Power, altruism and communitarian tourism: A comparative study. Pasos-Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural, 14(4), 889-906.

Xu, S. Y., Barbieri, C., Anderson, D., Leung, Y. F., & Rozier-Rich, S. (2016). Residents' perceptions of wine tourism development. Tourism Management, 55, 276-286.

Shu, L. L., Wang, T., Jiang, X. N., & Huang, W. B. (2016). Verification of the flexoelectricity in barium strontium titanate through d(33) meter. AIP Advances, 6(12).

LaPan, C., Morais, D. B., Wallace, T., & Barbieri, C. (2016). Women's self-determination in cooperative tourism microenterprises. Tourism Review International, 20(1), 41-55.

Sotomayor, S., & Barbieri, C. (2016). An exploratory examination of serious surfers: Implications for the surf tourism industry. International Journal of Tourism Research, 18(1), 62-73.

Kline, C., Barbieri, C., & LaPan, C. (2016). The influence of agritourism on niche meats loyalty and purchasing. Journal of Travel Research, 55(5), 643-658.

Gao, J., Barbieri, C., & Valdivia, C. (2014). Agricultural landscape preferences: implications for agritourism development. Journal of Travel Research, 53(3), 366-379.

Barbieri, C., Henderson, K. A., & Santos, C. A. (2014). Exploring memorable surfing trips. Annals of Tourism Research, 48, 277-280.

Sotomayor, S., Barbieri, C., Stanis, S. W., Aguilar, F. X., & Smith, J. W. (2014). Motivations for recreating on farmlands, private forests, and state or national parks. Environmental Management, 54(1), 138-150.

Deason, G., Seekamp, E., & Barbieri, C. (2014). Perceived impacts of climate change, coastal development and policy on oyster harvesting in the Southeastern United States. Marine Policy, 50, 142-150.

Lapan, C., & Barbieri, C. (2014). The role of agritourism in heritage preservation. Current Issues in Tourism, 17(8), 666-673.

Gao, J., Barbieri, C., & Valdivia, C. (2014). A socio-demographic examination of the perceived benefits of agroforestry. Agroforestry Systems, 88(2), 301-309.

Arroyo, C. G., Barbieri, C., & Rich, S. R. (2013). Defining agritourism: A comparative study of stakeholders' perceptions in Missouri and North Carolina. Tourism Management, 37, 39-47.

Stanis, S. A. W., & Barbieri, C. (2013). Niche tourism attributes scale: A case of storm chasing. Current Issues in Tourism, 16(5), 495-500.

Barbieri, C., & Sotomayor, S. (2013). Surf travel behavior and destination preferences: An application of the Serious Leisure Inventory and Measure. Tourism Management, 35, 111-121.

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