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Number of Publications: 4
Wilson, Lorenzo George

Davies, F. T., Albrecht, M. L., Bosland, P., Clark, J. R., De Vos, N. E., Ingram, D., Janick, J., Lamont, W. J., Lineberger, D., Maynard, D. N., Mitchell, C. A., Ray, D. T., Reed, D., Sams, C., Wilson, L. G., & Cantliffe, D. (2012). Michael W. Neff, 25 years of service to ASHS. HortScience, 47(7), 813-818.

Wehner, T. C., Shetty, N. V., & Wilson, L. G. (2000). Screening the cucumber germplasm collection for fruit storage ability. HortScience, 35(4), 699-707.

Mundy, C., Creamer, N. G., Crozier, C. R., & Wilson, L. G. (1999). Potato production on wide beds: Impact on yield and selected soil physical characteristics. American Journal of Potato Research, 76(6), 323-330.

Wilson, L. G. (1976). Handling of postharvest tropical fruit crops. HortScience, 11(2), 120.

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