Pamlico County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained April 2001

The following feature data layers are available for Pamlico County. The data are in ArcInfo coverage format, State Plane NAD 83/feet. The data was obtained in Apr. 2001.

Feature Data

ShapefileDescriptionFile Size (mb)Brief MetadataFile Date
firmFlood Insurance Rate Maps2.4 mbfirm.txt1/21/99
indexTax Map Index0.07 mbindex.txt9/6/00
lineHydrography (line)0.86 mbline.txt5/30/00
parcelTax Parcels5.0 mbparcel.txt3/21/01

CoverageDescriptionFile Size (mb)Brief MetadataFile Date
centerlineStreet Centerlines0.64 mbcenterline.txt2/26/01
firedistrictsFire Districts0.014 mbfiredistricts.txt2/26/01
indexTax Map Grid0.13 mbindex2.txt2/26/01
townsTowns0.027 mbtowns.txt2/26/01
townshipTownships0.011 mbtownship.txt2/26/01
voting2Towns0.016 mbvoting2.txt2/26/01

Digital Orthophotos

No local digital orthophotos are available.

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