Onslow County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained April 24, 2000

The following county-wide feature data layers are available for Onslow County. The data are in shapefile format, State Plane 1983/feet. The data available in the Libraries was last updated April 24, 2000.

Feature Data

ShapefileDescriptionFile SizeBrief Metadata
townshipTownships0.18 mbtownship.txt
streamStreams1.83 mbstream.txt
soilsSoils12.5 mbsoils.txt
onslowLand Parcels47.6 mbonslow.txt
hydroSurface Hydrography28.5 mbhydro.txt
fld_datFlood Zones7.9 mbfld_dat.txt
firedistFire Districts0.1 mbfiredist.txt
electElection Districts0.1 mbelect.txt
cntylineCounty Boundaries0.03 mbcntyline.txt
cityCity Boundaries0.09 mbcity.txt
centerStreet Centerlines8.9 mbcenter.txt

Auxiliary Layers for Rok Technologies Application (labels, etc.)

ShapefileFile Size
subdiv2.2 mb
subblock0.9 mb
rdname0.7 mb
pin5.8 mb
misc2.6 mb
lot3.4 mb
index0.3 mb
index_10.2 mb
dim18.8 mb
acre3.0 mb

Digital Orthophotos

As of 2000, digital orthophoto flights had been flown between 1993 and 1996. The original data is in BIL format (scanned from hard copy) but is not available. MrSID compressed versions (13:1 compression) are, however, available on CD-ROM. Data are available at 100', 200' and 400' scale resolutions, with higher resolution data in urban areas. Because of scanning and compression the data is not as high quality as the original photography. Data availability by image resolution is shown below:

Onslow Low Resolution Orthophotos

Image index shapefiles (index100.shp, index200.shp, and index400.shp) for each resolution are available on the Geodata server at http://geodata.lib.ncsu.edu/localgov/Onslow_County/2000/meta/ (data in State Plane 1983/feet).

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