Nash County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained 2001

The following county-wide feature data layers are available for Nash County. The data are in shapefile format, State Plane 1927/feet.

Feature Data

CoverageDescriptionFile SizeBrief Metadata
centerlinesStreet Centerlines9.8 mbcenterlinesl.txt
cl-etjCity Limits/ETJ0.7 mbcl-etj.txt
fireFire Districts2.5 mbfire.txt
grid400400' Scale Orthophoto Grid0.14 mbgrid400.txt
parcelTax Parcels145.7 mbparcel.txt
rescueRescue Districts1.7 mbrescue.txt
zoningZoning34.3 mbzoningp.txt

Digital Orthophotos

As of 2001, digital orthophoto flights had been done in 1997 by L. Robert Kimball & Associates. The entire county was done at '400 scale. Developed areas were done at 100' foot scale. The original data is in TIFF format, State Plane NAD 27/feet and is available on 44 CD-ROMs. Data availability by image resolution is shown below:

Nash County Orthophotos

Image index shapefiles (nash100.shp [100'], nash400.shp [400'], and nashall.shp [merged]) for each resolution are available on the Geodata server server at (data in State Plane NAD 27/feet).

An online clickable map index is also available.

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