Moore County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained April 7, 2000

The following county-wide feature data layers are available for Moore County. The data are in shapefile format, State Plane 1983/feet.

Feature Data

ShapefileDescriptionFile SizeBrief Metadata
abpdAberdeen Police Zones0.205 mbabpd.txt
clCity Limit Boundaries1.21 mbcl.txt
cntybndCounty Boundary1.51 mbcntybnd.txt
emsdisEMS Response Districts2.07 mbemsdis.txt
etjExtraterritorial Jurisdiction Boundaries0.817 mbetj.txt
fireaidFire Mutual Aid1.87 mbfireaid.txt
molujoinLand Use (based on '88 photos)0.69 mbmolujoin.txt
par1Land Parcels (#1)87.8 mbpar1.txt
par2Land Parcels (#2)190.4 mbpar2.txt
par3Land Parcels (#3)124.8 mbpar3.txt
par4Land Parcels (#4)52.1 mbpar4.txt
plgridPlanning Grid0.29 mbplgrid.txt
plzoneCounty Zoning (detailed)4.19 mbplzone.txt
precntVoter Precincts1.68 mbprecnt.txt
railrdRailroads2.28 mbrailrd.txt
rescdisRescue Districts2.26 mbrescdis.txt
sherfdisRailroads1.79 mbsherfdis.txt
stationsFire, EMS, Rescue, Sheriff and Police Stations0.018 mbstations.txt
streetsRoad Centerlines17.41 mbstreets.txt
taxfireTax Fire Districts1.7 mbtaxfire.txt
twnshipTownships1.41 mbtwnship.txt

Digital Orthophotos

As of April 2000, digital orthophoto flights had been done in 1996-1997 by American Geographic. The images are in BIL format, 25 mb per image. There about 900 images and about 22.5 gb total file size. This data is not currently available via the Libraries.

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