Mecklenburg County GIS Data

CD-ROM Data Collection: 1997-2001

The following CD-ROMs are available for Mecklenburg County (call number Ref GIS Cabinet G3903 M6 A25 no. xx)

  1. DELD Deluxe: GIS Layers, Slide Presentations and Information
  2. DELD LITE: Basic Maps & Information
  3. Parcel Boundaries [7/15/99-8/20/99, Shapefile]
  4. 1992, 1995, 1997 Planimetric Maps [DWG Format]
  5. 1997 Digital Aerial Ortho Image [MrSID, BW]
  6. 1997 Topographic Maps (Sheets A-J) [DWG Format]
  7. 1997 Topographic Maps (Sheets K-Q) [DWG Format]
  8. 1997 Topographic Maps (Sheets R-Z) [DWG Format]
  9. 1999 Digital Color Aerial Compressed Ortho Imagery (Sheets A-M) [MrSID]
  10. 1999 Digital Color Aerial Compressed Ortho Imagery (Sheets N-Z) [MrSID]
  11. DELD Deluxe: Comprehensive GIS Layers, Nov. 2000
  12. 1997 10 Ft. Topo Contour Lines [Shapefile]
  13. Tax Parcels, Oct. 2000 [Shapefile]
  14. Tax Parcel Boundaries and Ownership Data, Jan. 2001 [Shapefile]

Digital Orthophotos

As of 2001, color digital orthophoto flights (flown at 1"=1300' scale, scanned to 1 foot pixel resolution) had been done (in 1999) and the data became available in May 2000. The raw data consists of about 705 individual TIFF images at 70 mb per image on 99 CD-ROMs. In 1997 black & white orthophotography was done (1 foot pixel resolution), resulting in 700 TIFF images at 23 mb per image on 33 CD-ROMs.

The Libraries do not currently own original TIFF versions of either the color or black & white raw data; however, MrSID mosaics of data from both flights are available. Data are in State Plane 1983/feet. Since the mosaics have been created using very high compression levels, the image quality is not as good as with the original images.

Libraries Orthophoto Mosaic Holdings:

MosaicCompressionFile Size (mb)
1997 black & white49:1608
1999 Color (West: Sheets A-M)64:1635
1999 Color (East: Sheets N-Z)88:1527

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