Lee County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained Dec. 2000

Lee County data was acquired in ArcInfo coverage format, State Plane feet NAD 83. This data was released 12/11/00 (11/28/00 date stamp for the parcels shapefile) by Sanford City Dept. of Community Development. ArcView legend files (.avl) are included as well as a leecounty.apr file for ArcView use.

Feature Data

Data LayerDescriptionShapefile Size (mb)Brief Metadata
broadwayBroadway Town Limits0.03broadway.txt
drivewayDriveway Centerlines2.0driveway.txt
etjExtraterritorial Jurisdictions0.07etj.txt
leecountyLand Use (Bogue Banks)1.5leecounty.txt
mapindexOrthophoto Map Index1.5mapindex.txt
parcelParcel Boundaries88.6parcel.txt
parceltaxParcel Boundaries (shapefile)19.3parceltax.txt
railroadParcels (w/Owners database)0.07railroad.txt
residenceHomes, Mobile Homes, Hydrants, Gates, Outbuildings21.4residence.txt
sanfordRoads (w/addresses)0.02sanford.txt
streetsStreet Centerlines2.8streets.txt
waterpondsWater Ponds and Lakes1.0waterponds.txt
waterstreamsWater lines (West)1.1waterstreams.txt


Obtained from the Lee County Land Records Dept. in Feb. 2001. As of December 2000, digital orthophoto flights were done continuously, with one quarter of the county flown each year. Rural areas were done at '400 scale. Developed areas were done at 200' and 100' foot scale. The original data is in BIL format data is available on 13 CD-ROMs. Data availability by image resolution is shown below:

Lee County Orthophotos

Image index shapefiles (lee100.shp [100'], lee200.shp [200'], lee400.shp [400'], lee1200.shp [100'/200' overlap], lee1400.shp [100'/400' overlap], lee2400.shp [200'/400' overlap], leeall.shp [merged, overlapping]) for each resolution are available on the Geodata server at http://geodata.lib.ncsu.edu/localgov/Lee_County/2000/meta/ (data in State Plane 1983/feet). An online clickable map index is also available.

The phase areas for periodic flights are shown below:

Lee County Orthophotos: Phases

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