Johnston County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained Aug. 28, 2000

The following county-wide feature data layers are available for Johnston County. The data are in shapefile format, State Plane 1927/feet. Current data are downloadable directly from Johnston County. Parcel maps, resampled digital orthophotos and contour maps are downloadable by tax map grid unit (downloadable as a layer).

Feature Data

ShapefileDescriptionFile SizeBrief Metadata
m[grid#]Parcel Mapsvariesn/a
c[grid#]Contour Mapsvariesn/a
taxindexTax Map Grid0.05 mbn/a
citylimiCity Limits0.42 mbn/a
jcetjPlanning Boundaries0.06 mbn/a
centerliCenterlines (Streets)2.47 mbn/a
jcfireFire Districts1.28 mbn/a
jrescueRescue Squad Districts0.98 mbn/a
cityCity Boundaries0.09 mbn/a
mrdsMajor Roads0.13 mbn/a
names.dxfRoadname Text0.47 mbn/a

Digital Orthophotos

As of 2000, digital orthophoto flights had been conducted in spring 1995. The original data (black & white) is in TIFF format data is not yet available via the Libraries. The orthophotos are tiled to correspond to the tax map grid layout. The scale of each ortho image is1:4800, 5000x5000 pixel resolution. Resampled versions (resampled to 1 mb in file size from 25 mb Format) are downloadable as TIFFs by tax map grid cell.

Additional flights were done in early 2001. black & white photography was done at 200' scale and color photography at 400' scale. Color imagery may be available as early as Sept. 2001.

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