Chatham County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained April 5, 2000

The following county-wide feature data layers are available for Chatham County. The data are in shapefile format, State Plane 1983/feet.

Feature Data

ShapefileDescriptionFile Size (mb)Brief Metadata
buildingsBuilding Footprints27.66buildings.txt
bypassUS-64 Bypass0.005bypass.txt
electricElectric Grid0.077electric.txt
stationsFire Stations0.006stations.txt
districtsFire Districts0.201districts.txt
indexOrthophoto Index0.69index.txt
index400400' Orthophoto Index0.63index400.txt
caryCary Municapal Boundaries0.01cary.txt
silretjSiler City Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Boundaries0.017silretj.txt
pittetjPittsboro Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Boundaries0.01pittetj.txt
muni971997 Municapal Boundaries0.031muni97.txt
cntyparcParcel Boundaries (polygon)230.3cntyparc.txt
cntyparlParcel Boundaries (line)75.84cntyparl.txt
schldistSchool Districts0.05schldist.txt
highschoolHigh Scools0.034highschool.txt
congressCongressional Boundaries0.046congress.txt
voteprcntVoting Precincts0.173voteprcnt.txt
votepollVoting Polling Places0.006votepoll.txt
waterWater Lines0.719water.txt
sewerSewer Lines0.243sewer.txt

Digital Orthophotos

As of 2000, digital orthophoto flights were last done in 1997. Orhophotos and parcel data were done by ATD. The entire county was flown at '400 scale. Developed areas were flown at 200' and 100' foot scale. The original data is in BIL format data is available on 17 CD-ROMs. MrSID compressed versions (10:1) are available as individual files and as mosaics. Data availability by image resolution is shown below:

Chatham County Orthophotos

Image index shapefiles (index100.shp, index200.shp, and index400.shp) for each resolution are available on the Geodata server at (data in State Plane 1983/feet).

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