Carteret County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained February 2, 2001

Carteret County data was acquired in ArcInfo export (.e00) format, State Plane feet NAD 27. The data is also available in locally converted coverage and shapefile format. This data was released 2/2/01. The parcel shapefile is date stamped 11/9/00 for the .shp file and 12/19/00 for the .dbf file.

Feature Data

Data LayerDescriptionShapefile Size (mb)Brief Metadata
cccd1Commissioners Districts0.6cccd1.txt
corebankCore Banks0.6corebank.txt
fireFire Districts (line)5.4fire.txt
landuse1Land Use (Bogue Banks)0.4landuse1.txt
landuse2Land Use (West)1.5landuse2.txt
landuse2Land Use (East)2.2landuse3.txt
cartindeMap Grid Index0.15cartinde.txt
parcelParcels (w/Owners database)41.5parcel.txt
newrescuRescue Districts5.1newrescu.txt
countyrdRoads (w/addresses)2.0countyrd.txt
votingVoting Districts1.0voting.txt
water1Water lines (Bogue Banks)5.4water1.txt
water2Water lines (West)14.8water2.txt
water3Water lines (East)17.1water3.txt
zipcodeZip Codes0.05zipcode.txt


As of 2001, digital orthophotos were not available. Older, hard copy orthophotos were available at the County government offices.

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