Brunswick County GIS Data

Feature Data Layers obtained Mar. 2001

The following feature data layers are available for Brunswick County. The data are in ArcInfo coverage format, State Plane NAD 83/feet. The data was obtained in Mar. 2001.

Feature Data

CoverageDescriptionFile Size (mb)Brief MetadataFile Date
name varies (1,756 tiles)Parcels (polygon)variespparcel.txt3/14/01
name varies (1,756 tiles)Parcels (line)varieslparcel.txt3/14/01
name varies (149 tiles)Topography (line)variesltopo.txt3/21/01
name varies (149 tiles)Topography (point)variesstopo.txt3/21/01

Topographic data is not available for the entire county. The following image shows data availability:

Brunswick Topo Data

Digital Orthophotos

Digital orthophoto flights were flown in 1988 and are at 100', 200' and 400' scales. The data (scanned) is available in BIL format (with .hdr and .blw) on 63 CD-ROMs. MrSID compressed versions (10:1 compression, individual and mosaics) are also available on CD-ROM. The data are in State Plane 1983/feet. Original photography was done by Kimball and scanning was done by 3DI. Reflights will be done in the Lockwoods Folly area (2000' feet each side of river) in December/January. Data availability is indicated below:

Brunswick Orthophotos

Image index shapefiles for the original BIL data as well as for MrSID individual files and mosaics are available on the Geodata server at

An online, clickable index map for locating images on CD-ROMs and by mosaic is also available.

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